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Friday, April 22, 2016

“White feminism is about as feminist as Dr. Pepper is a medical doctor.”

From Huffington Post:
That’s how poet and body-positive activist Rachel Wiley begins her slam poem “The Dozens.” Wiley performed the poem at Women Of The World Poetry Slam in Brooklyn in March 2016. Uploaded on YouTube by Button Poetry earlier this week, “The Dozens” takes a frank look at how white feminism is a feminism that completely ignores intersectionality — and why that’s so problematic.
I have no idea what the hell intersectionality is. Or cis. Or even body-positive.
I no longer care to learn.

These intellectual sloths talk themselves into a froth all the time. Their exclusionary language, conspiratorial tones, and inability to understand the basics of biology and climate show that women and non-white people can be just as pampered as the stereotypical frat boys of yore. They speak of white privilege but they mean the opposite. White privilege -- a term I do understand -- is a notion that it is white people's turn to serve as second-class citizens.

Laugh, but the modern ignoramuses on campus are dangerous because their Lost In Space ideas of today become public policy at some point downstream. Gay marriage was a flitty idea not too long ago.

The money quote in the article is: “White feminism is about as feminist as Dr. Pepper is a medical doctor.”

However, this is not a new idea. Many black women had race-based reservations about white feminism when it began 50 years ago.

Conservatives chortle as the liberals appear to be devouring their own. That is just their appetizer.


  1. Feminism is just the female version of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club." - Elric

  2. cis - going with the sex with which you are born.

    body-positive - expecting everybody to praise you because you're a good 100 pounds overweight.

    I saw intersectional, think it means couch potato.

  3. Big D, you're behind the curve on this. First Wave Feminism was yelling at guys. Second Wave Feminism was yelling at guys who became girls. Third Wave Feminism is yelling at everybody. Come on, man, get with the times...

  4. An arcane vocabulary is a drawbridge a superficial discipline builds in order to protect itself from outside criticism that would expose it as a sham.

  5. Stacy McCain could tell you, but it's ALL bafflegab. A torrent of words, full of sound and fury, signifying nought but inchoate anger.

  6. "Gay marriage was a flitty idea not too long ago."
    It's STILL a flitty idea, "legality" notwithstanding.