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Monday, April 04, 2016

Trump: "Why are you folding shirts and giving lessons? Why aren't you on the Tour?"

At age 38, Jim Herman won his first PGA Tour event on Sunday, the Shell Houston Open.

He might never have played, if it were not for Donald Trump.

A native of Cincinnati, Herman kept failing to make the cut to the second-tier of the PGA Tour. So he settled for a life as a golf pro.

"Four years of it, missing out at second stage, that was just a terrible drive back from the West Coast (of Florida). I played in Tampa, seems like every year and driving back to East Coast with, 'What am I going to do now?' I got in the golf business, started working at the PGA Village, got a phone call and started working up at Trump National in Bedminster, New Jersey," Herman told Reuters.

Herman recalled talking with Trump 10 years ago.

"I got into a nice conversation with Donald, Mr. Trump, one day. He's like, 'Why are you folding shirts and giving lessons? Why aren't you on the Tour? I've played with Tour players, you're good enough.' I don't know, maybe something like that gives you more confidence," Herman said.

He tried again and made the cut in 2011. Five years later, on the main PGA Tour, the once underconfident Herman was a winner.


  1. DJT. That's how he rolls. That's yet another reason I'm voting for him.

  2. People keep looking for a Politician in Trump, but he is a Business Man. Thinks much differently.

  3. Sometimes all it takes is a little motivator. And nobody motivates - one way or the other - like The Donald. - Elric- Elric

  4. Don't they say that success in golf is all in your head? You need to have the physical assets, but when it comes to winning on hole #72 it's all mental. Just ask Greg Norman, a guy with all the impressive physical skills needed to win on Sunday but could not control his head.