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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trump needs only 44% of remaining delegates

Teaming Aquaman and Green Arrow on Sunday night failed to stop Trump on Tuesday. Now Aquaman has announced he will marry Wonder Woman if nominated. While all these games are going on, Trump is winning elections and now, according to the New York Times, he has 987 delegates. (Scroll to the end where it adds unpledged delegates).

That means Trump needs only 250 of the 562 delegates remaining in the May and June primaries. That comes to 44%.

After Tuesday, Trump now has a majority of the delegates awarded to date.

But please, Never Trump, keep pretending you can stop Trump's supporters. You amuse me  -- and Michael Stopa.


  1. Never Trump can't stop his supporters but the R machine can still derail Trump in Cleveland. Could care less if that happens or not but it will make great theater.
    Interesting that you poke fun of two candidates - Cruz and Fiorina - who you supported before you went all in for Trump. What instrument are you playing on the Trump band wagon? When are you going to abandon the Indians and Browns for the Yankees and Patriots just so you can say you support a winner?
    BTW - Trump was critical yesterday of your hero's - Dubya - foreign policy and continues to say he opposed the decision to invade Iraq and take down Saddam. Maybe you can enlighten Trump when he come to Charleston.

  2. Cue Sonny and Cher... "And the beat goes on..." - Elric

  3. "If only the GOP had gone after Obama like they're going after Trump."

    ....... what a grand world this would be.

  4. Watching the event at the State Fair Coliseum yesterday in Indy was interesting and illuminating. Bobby Knight had never to my knowledge endorsed a Republican before, and during his speech referred to Truman as one of the three greatest presidents of all time, a sentiment I've heard from many old guard Democrats, mostly dead now, in the liberal/socialist/Communist/LGBTwhateverSJW fever swamp university community in which I dwell. Most of these people credited Truman with fighting the early stages of the cold war while preserving the legacy of Roosevelt's New Deal. What is more interesting is that Reagan consciously carried on this sentiment both with his early campaign as well as after he retired from office. I hàve on a shelf a Christmas ornament from the Reagan Library shortly after it opened commemorating Roosevelt's Four Freedoms, including freedom from want. Reagan made no excuses for having been a Rooseveltian Democrat. I always suspected many of those old guard jerks (in my mind) of secretly voting for Reagan. There's almost no doubt now that they did. Here is where Bobby and Trump come in. Trump is basically a Reagan Republican. Sure, he has said nice things about Democrats in the past, but he didn't attend the 1988 Republican Convention because he was an Establishment guy. He has always been an outsider even in his home town--something I identify with VERY strongly (and was able to be uncannily successful there against strong odds and opposition to his even being able to establish himself there--ditto). The fact is that while we won the Cold War against the overseas Communists, we are currently losing the domestic Cold War against our own socialists and Cultural Marxists. The allusion to Truman was no mistake. Knight knew exactly who he was speaking to.
    As for early in the campaign, while Don was for Fiorina, I was for Cruz, both perceived as outsiders. The fact that Cruz was more of an insider became more apparent as the campaign progressed and I was driven to support Trump earlier than the host. In comparative biographical comparisons of Cicero, Burke, and Churchill (who made no excuses for his contributions to the formation of social insurance in his biography My Young Life) the remark has been made that these men did not change their ground in the political revolutions in their own lives, but that they merely changed their front. That front is love of country coming before ideology, and before previous political alliances. Saying that this may not be so is something people are quite free to say. Impugning their motives, though, is beneath contempt.

  5. Illuminating. I thought a sweep would get him close, but it's the unpledged delegates that make it intimidating.

  6. United States Ambassador to a North African or Middle Eastern country. Please answer in the form of a question.

    What is the new definition of "Sucker" under a Hillary Clinton Presidency?


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