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Friday, April 22, 2016

Trump at Ground Zero

Never Trump writers have questioned whether Donald Trump helped at Ground Zero after 9/11. Bernie Kerik, who was the police commissioner at the time, said hell yeah. It is an insight into Trump.

Kerik told the story to David Michael Lynch, who has a nightly show on NewsMax TV at 9 PM Eastern Monday through Friday (DIRECT 349, DISH 233, VERIZON FIOS 115, and archived at NewsMax TV) reported on this:
According to Kerik, who by the way spent a great deal of time down at Ground Zero, Donald Trump displayed incredible generosity and concern towards the volunteers and first responders who worked down at “The Pile” sifting through debris for body remains.  Bernie told me without hesitation, “Trump instructed hundreds of his hotel workers to head down to Ground Zero and offer a hand doing whatever needed to be done.  Be it hand out water, food, etc, etc.”  I asked if the cameras caught any of this?  Kerik explained there were no cameras permitted in the area, and Trump knew this.  Meaning, he didn’t do it for the fanfare or press clippings.  Perhaps Donald did it because he loves America, and because he cares about the American people?
Kerik went on to say Trump himself visited Ground Zero to help lift spirits and to thank the tireless workers who were down there each day and night searching for bodies.  “He didn’t have to do it, he wanted to do it. That’s the Trump I know.”
Oh and remember when they wanted to build a Victory Mosque at Ground Zero in 2010?

The Donald  offered $6 million to buy the Muslims out. Sadly, the mosque may yet be built.


  1. I have read a number of personal anecdotes about The Donald and they seem to invariably cast him in a good light.

    Even the idea of a "Victory Mosque" at Ground Zero is repulsive and should be fought against with anything and everything available. - Elric

  2. Mohammedans build their mosques on the graves of other civilizations and religions as a sign of power and dominance...just like rape.

  3. The NeverTrump crowd will pooh-pooh Kerik's comments based on his legal problems subsequent to 9-11.

    They have no shame.

  4. Trump has done good things out of the spotlight of the "news". I appreciate that. Liberals must be SEEN to be doing good, or when CLAIMING to be doing good.

  5. Character is what you do when no one is watching. Contrast that to Cankles, BJ, Flipper, and the Floater.

  6. If the ground zero mosque construction proceeds, I'll donate to Greg Gutfeld who said:

    “I am planning to build and open the first gay bar that caters not only to the west, but also Islamic gay men. To best express my sincere desire for dialogue, the bar will be situated next to the mosque Park51, in an available commercial space.”

    Read more at:

  7. Okay...

    I am partying tonight...

    Because....I can.

    I did much yard work today, and though the Tiki torches are not in place, I still feel it is time.

    To Party.

    In Michigan.

    - Mikey NTH