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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Time to apologize, Never Trump

The news that serial liar Michelle Fields will not get away with her false accusation of battery against Trump's campaign manager is good news. Politico reported the prosecutor will not pursue this nonsense.

Time for those who used this false accusation to attack Trump to make that Walk of Shame. They promoted her lie thinking no one would remember. I do. I offer a few people who deserve the Rolling Stone Crystal (Magnum) for never questioning a bizarre report.

First up, the Washington Post: "Mr. Trump’s defense of his campaign manager shows his lack of judgment."

The spirit of Janet Cooke lives on at the Washington Post even under new ownership.

Then Jennifer Rubin:
It is reflective of the dishonesty, arrogance and misogyny that infects Donald Trump’s campaign that his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has now been charged with battery against reporter Michelle Fields. The Post reports: “The campaign manager for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was charged with battery by police in Florida on Tuesday for allegedly grabbing and yanking the arm of a Breitbart News reporter who was trying to ask Trump a question.”
Rather than apologize, recognizing the audio and video evidence against him, plus the eyewitness account of Post reporter Ben Terris, Lewandowski and his boss denied the incident occurred and smeared Fields. Now another video of the incident has surfaced, yet Trump and his right-hand man still deny the incident occurred.  (“The affidavit cited a security-camera tape from Trump’s own club — which was also made public Tuesday. More clearly than past videos of the incident, it appeared to show Lewandowski reaching out to grab the reporter.”) Who are you going to believe — the mastermind behind Trump University and his campaign manager or your lying eyes?
Girls never lie, do they?

Then David French at the National Review:
This is a matter that could have been cleared up with a simple apology. Indeed, that’s all Fields wanted. Instead, Trump and his campaign manager tried to destroy her reputation and now they cast her as a predator, with the Secret Service allegedly “confirming” that one of its agents warned her away. This is unhinged. The man lies like we have no memory, like the world has no record of his words, and like the truth is a mere vapor. He keeps melting down, but to his supporters every lie and every tantrum is evidence his strength and fortitude. God help us.
Speaking of unhinged, Miss Fields has had several weird incidents happen to her in her brief life as a reporter. Why police in New York beat her and Herman Cain grabbed her chest.

If you believe her.

Then Mona Charen:
The campaign manager — not a volunteer, not even a hired security guard — but the honest-to-goodness campaign manager, nearly shoved reporter Michelle Fields to the ground and inflicted bruises on her arm. When she protested, there was no apology. Instead, the campaign at first suggested that there was a mistake: Lewandowski mistook Fields (who worked at the time for the pro-Trump for a member of the mainstream media. Oh, so that makes shoving OK? But the campaign quickly reverted to outright lies. Hope Hicks, a Trump campaign spokesman, said that Fields’ account was “entirely false. . . . I did not witness any encounter . . . not a single camera or reporter of more than 100 in attendance captured the alleged incident.” Trump himself offered that “maybe she made it up.”
And so on.

Michelle Fields is a drama queen and the Never Trump people have absolutely no scruples. Their influence and power is on the wane and by golly, they intend to Scorch The Earth and ruin the man and his supporters rather than cede the battle and live to fight another day.

My beef is not with voters who would never vote for Trump; I respect their point of view. But the Never Trump crowd is a band of pundits who have orchestrated an all-out effort to do to the Republican front runner what the liberal media did to Sarah Palin eight years ago.

In the marketplace of ideas, they are losers. They cannot convince a majority of Republicans to back their man. Trump has 8,197,535 votes, Cruz has 6,263,349.

They say what about all those other votes, as if they own Kasich's votes, or Bush's or Rubio's. No. While it is true that they did not vote for Trump, they did not vote for Cruz either. If Cruz were such a terrific candidate, why is Kasich still in the race?

The Michelle Fields case symbolizes the whole Never Trump effort. Rather than make their case, they slam him as misogynist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, et cetera. They are like the white Black Lives Matter -- a small sliver of propagandists who claim to represent a people who by and large want nothing to do with them.

Trump is winning in part because he plays fair and square. Never Trump does not.

If you truly do not like Trump, I respect you. But if you are going to resort to outright lies and underhandedness, I do not. It is that simple.\

UPDATE: Oh and the false accuser, Michelle Fields, grabbed a headline for saying she will sue. Yes, Never Trump, as Steve Perry sang -- Don't Stop Believing -- no matter how big the lie.


  1. It sounds like the #NeverTrump crowd is using the despicable lies and tactics of the Lefties. - Elric

    1. Some of them, maybe more than some, doubtlessly are.

  2. You forgot Cruz.

    Don't you recall he called the incident a “consequence” of the “abusive culture” of Trump’s campaign?

    And here we all thought he believed in the Constitution and the rule of law.

  3. Goebbels discovered if you keep lying long enough your eyes will deceive you. His technique lives on.

  4. Don, anything on Speaker Ryan's not a Bailout and no Federal Budget . . . .

  5. I'll say it again. Rather than accusing Trump's campaign manager of battery, Fields should have been led away in cuffs by the Secret Service. Imagine what would happen if some unknown person - male or female - rushed Obama after a speech. The person would be eating dirt with a Secret Service agent on top of them in two seconds.

  6. I watched several different videos of the incident taken at different camera angles. I thought not one of them was clear enough to show Fields being physically grabbed as she has alleged. One of the clips, which was promoted as showing clear proof of the alleged battery, showed no such thing; in fact, throughout most of the video clip, the parties were hidden behind a large obstruction in the foreground that made it impossible to see the action going on as Trump's party exited the building with Fields approaching and hectoring the candidate.

    Let her sue. Trump's Secret Service detail will testify during the trial that she ignored their warning not to get too close to the candidate. The video from the overhead security camera will prove she yanked at Trump's elbow first. Let her explain to the jury why her actions do not constitute battery and why, in view of the Secret Service precautions, anyone in Trump's party should be blamed for physically moving her away from the candidate.

    1. If she files a civil suit she opens herself up to counter discovery and being deposed by the best lawyers Trump can afford. Since she is such a precious snowflake she might not survive the experience.
      Now she will play the whinging victim for every liberal media outlet that will have her.

    2. The Florida State's Attorney office has issued the following explanation for its decision not to prosecute Lewandowski:

      During a video walk-through of the incident, Ellis said the decision not to prosecute Lewandowski was in large part colored by the fact that Fields had first made physical contact with Trump as he walked out of a ballroom at his Jupiter country club. That's when Lewandowski reached in and pulled her away, the video shows. 'We're not charging him because he was reacting to what he perceived as a potential threat to someone that he is in charge of protecting, so to speak,' she explained. 'He just kinda reacted and did what he needed to do.'

  7. I'm not a Trump fan, but I have been shocked as "Never Trump" conservatives whom I've followed for years have turned into liars and character assassins. They've adopted the leftist principle that any lie can be justified by the "greater good" of stopping Trump.

  8. I'm not a Trump fan, but I have been shocked as "Never Trump" conservatives whom I've followed for years have turned into liars and character assassins. They've adopted the leftist principle that any lie can be justified by the "greater good" of stopping Trump.