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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The model Muslim

Tired of bad news about terrorists? Well, "Without Borders — A Film About Sport And Integration" was a documentary in 2005 that showed how young Muslims from Syria assimilated into Swedish culture thanks to soccer.

“We wanted to show the importance of integration. The boys were to go to the association to see what the other Swedes did and get to know the [soccer] associations were important, how it can be a gateway to jobs and much more," said Christer Girke, marketing manager for Malmo soccer team, in the documentary.

Osama Krayem, 11, was one of the kids featured. His father was enthusiastic about his son integrating into Swedish society.

“The impression I got was that the father was very sure that they would get to see something other than Rosengard and I know they moved out so the children would go to a school that was considered better. Osama was sullen and stayed in the background. But he was a good player and always one of the gang. There was never any problem with him,” Krayem said.

So whatever happened to this kid? He got a nice job working for the city in 2013 when he came of age.

On Friday, the model Muslim made news.

From Politico Europe:
Osama Krayem, seen with suicide bomber Khalid el-Bakraoui minutes before the attack on Brussels’ Maalbeek metro station, told investigators he was carrying a bag full of explosives but decided to back out at the last moment, Belgian newspaper De Standaard reported Friday.
The newspaper states that Krayem, who was arrested on Friday in Brussels, told authorities that his bag was identical to that of el-Bakraoui, who blew himself up at Maalbeek metro station. He previously claimed that he did not know his companion was committing an attack, but later confessed that he was not in Brussels by coincidence.
Let us quit pretending all Muslim "refugees" belong in Europe and North America.


  1. If Muslim nations refuse to allow them, why should we?

  2. It should be obvious that the problem is not Islam, it is the corrupting effects of soccer. - Elric

    1. Soccer was very useful; instead of continent ranging wars, Europeans would merely have soccer riots to vent their nationalistic steam and assault their traditional ethnic foes.

      Alas, times are changing and the Europeans may have to get into touch (as much as the bureaucrats try to rein it in*) with their inner tribal fervor.

      *The one-world, Marxist lite (all of the socialism, none of the science) multi-culti 'I am ashamed of my ancestors - please give me kudos' people are working as hard as they can to keep the normal expression of their people at bay. If they fail for but a moment - say a controversial yet media-savvy character comes on scene - then God alone knows what will happen - but I will guess "Exciting!" will be the least word used to describe it.

      - Mikey NTH

  3. The family is not from North Africa but from Syria. He's described as petty criminal, whatever that means. But especially note that when he tried to recruit others in his mosque to join him in jihad, no one reported him to the police. They knew he was radicalized, but they said nothing.

    In the Seved neighbourhood he grew up, residents describe him as a petty criminal known to take drugs before being radicalised in 2015. He had completed a job training programme in a recreation centre before he became increasingly engrossed in religion.

    At some point in early 2015 he fled to wage jihad in Daesh-controlled Deir Ezzor, which sits on the Syrian border of Iraq. Before he left for Syria, he had apparently "tried to recruit" other worshippers at the same mosque."

    1. Thank. I shall fix the Syria/North Africa reference

  4. FTA: "Let us quit pretending all Muslim "refugees" belong in Europe and North America."

    Replace "all" with "any" and you will have a winner.