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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New York ending luxury tax on tampons

Republicans voted unanimously in the New York Senate to end the taxation of tampons, which passed the lower House earlier. New York considers tampons to be a luxury item. Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign the bill into law.

I suppose if you wear them as earrings they are.

From MSN:
Feminine hygiene products are currently taxed as “luxury items” in New York, but a new bill could result in their reclassification as tax-exempt necessities, instead. The Republican-run senate passed the bill unanimously on Monday (April 11) after it had passed the state assembly in March, also with full support from lawmakers. The bill now goes to the state’s governor Andrew Cuomo, a father of three daughters, who has said in the past that the tax should be repealed.
It is as iff he had three sons and no daughters he would veto the bill.

The tax on menstruation cost women in New York $14 million a year.

You ready for the bad joke?

It's really offensive.

Trigger warning.

OK, here it is.

Republicans can now claim: "We Cut Your Taxes. Period."


  1. So, you're saying that New York will be bleeding red ink through a $14 million hole in the budget? How will they plug that up? (Two can play your little game. Humor - ar ar!) - Elric

  2. Elric, Elric! Pretty good, that one.

    1. I'm rather surprised at being the only person to rise to the challenge. The topic fairly screams for a bit of waggery. - Elric