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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Ivana on The Donald

One of the things that amazes me is how little the political experts know about Donald Trump. They must be either the dumbest people in the nation or the most superficial as they mistake his television persona -- his celebrity -- for the real deal. I have spent a few afternoons researching the guy and guess what? He is an excellent CEO, rebuilder of Manhattan, and a pretty good family man.

Finally someone asked Ivana Trump about the man she named The Donald. She spilled the beans.

From the New York Post:
After less than a year, the two married, in 1977, and went on to have three children together: Donald Jr., now 38, Ivanka, 34, and Eric, 32. Donald hired his wife to work within his Trump Organization. She was crowned vice president of interior design, eventually becoming president of the Trump’s Castle casino resort, in Atlantic City, and later of the Plaza hotel.
“I’d get up at 6 and read newspapers, and then I went to 63rd Street to the helicopter pad and flew to Atlantic City. I could come back 5 or 6 ... Then we’d watch ‘Dallas’ and ‘Dynasty.’ ”
Ivana says Donald’s faith in her business acumen is proof of his respect for women. “When people ask, I say that behind every successful woman is a man in shock. And it’s true, so I think Donald knew that I could achieve.
“He gave me the chance. I came [to America] and I was a poor person. I had a sense of style so he put me in charge of interior design of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I was seven months pregnant and going up the steps, making sure everything was on the schedule.”
“Speaking of America, Donald’s on the phone,” interrupts Dorothy, Ivana’s longtime assistant and her kids’ former nanny. Ivana excuses herself.
Gossip columnist Liz Smith said Ivana dubbed Trump The Donald. Theirs was an acrimonious divorce which dominated the New York tabloids in the 1990s, and nearly bankrupted him. That the two even talk to one another after all that is a sign of maturity the pundits deny.

And no he did not go bankrupt. He went to bankruptcy court four times to avoid bankruptcy. Each time he reorganized the company involved, and reduced the vigorish on his debt.

Vigorish is the correct term. He took risks. He gambled on his business acumen. he won. That argument that he would have been better putting his "inheritance" in a stock index fun? That is Mother Jones idiocy. He inherited $40 million to $50 million in 1999. That would be worth less than $100 million today.

He took his family business in the 1970s and increased its value 100-fold to 200-fold in 40 years. Trump employs 34,000 people worldwide.

From the Post:
“Donald took the divorce as a businessman. And he had to negotiate and he had to win,” says Ivana. “Once the financial part was settled, we’re friendly.”
She had custody of the children, but he saw them often.
“Once [the children] were the age of 21 and out of the university, I said, ‘Donald, this is the final product, now you deal with it.’ ” She still oversaw the kids’ monthly allowance, though. “Sometimes they’d say, ‘But I have this Arab friend who drives a Ferrari! And is in Armani suits and gets $20,000! And I get $1,500 dollars a month!’ And I said, ‘You know what, the money doesn’t fall from the trees,’ ” says Ivana, who foresees her children running the family business if Donald is in the White House.
As for Donald’s current wife, Ivana thinks Melania will “be OK” as first lady. “She’s going to adapt just fine,” says Ivana, who is friendly with Melania. “She never did anything wrong to me. I wish them all the best.”
Trump is the imperfect messenger with the perfect message: Make America Great Again. He cheated on his first wife.

So did Reagan.

You can look it up.


  1. When your ex-wife says you're OK by her, then that War On Women claim won't fly.

    1. except for everything on the nightly news for 6 months.
      He will be McGovern to Hillary's Nixon. sort of appropriate

    2. Nonsense. Go back to school.

    3. That was to gallifreakin.

  2. "[The political experts] must be either the dumbest people in the nation or the most superficial . . . ."

    These traits are not mutually exclusive.

  3. I'm sure no one in the GOPe has ever cheated on their spouses.

  4. 0bama, the entire left, and Europe hates trump ....that should mean he should be elected president.

    ...anything obama hates has to be good for America and American interests.

    also the GOP seem to be against Trump...
    ...they were just as opposed to Reagan when he ran for president and pulled the same antics. ...the GOP/DNC are mostly afraid because they won't be able to gain special favors from Trump. canidate that has won the white house has ever been self funded...

    ....the presidential nominee always had to cater to either the DNC/GOP for support... and in turn, for the such always came strings attached/special favors to one side or the other ....usually at the expense of the rest of America.

    ....but Trump breaks that machine; as such most people can see why they are so afraid of him and want ted cruz instead...

    ...Ted Cruz of course... needs endorsements from the gop and would solidify their support around him only for special favors in return.

    the DNC definitely prefer hillary over bernie... (that is their corporate/special interest puppet) aka the DNC's ticket for special favors/freebies... problem is... she ultimately can't defeat Trump.

    ...liberals hate her more than bernie so most will probably not vote if she is their nominee.

  5. I tried looking up that Reagan cheated on his first wife, and read a lot of salacious crap; but even the most salacious (a review of Love Triangle) didn’t say he cheated on either his first or second wife. Just that he slept around a lot between Wyman divorcing him in 1949, and meeting Nancy Davis in 1951.

    Where do I go to look this up?

    1. Actually it does say that. He admitted to leading-ladyitis

    2. Yeah, but according to the review, this was before and between marriages. Is there a better review than this one?

  6. If Ivana gets up at the convention and speaks like that, he's halfway home.

  7. XYZ cheated on his wife.

    So did Bill Clinton. So DOES Bill Clinton.

  8. It's ironic that the gayest president in the history of earth is now being written up as a paragon of virtue versus Trump. Sasha and Malia are not his kids. That guy is incapable and unwilling to have sex with a female.

    1. Darn good question. Yeah, I think she's a Borg, like that chick in Blade Runner.

  9. One thing seems to be missed here. The facts presented here are important to people who are deciding whether to vote for Trump, or not.

    Such people are completely irrelevant to the situation.

    Relevance is solely and only tallies that are reported for or against the people who can be depended upon to work with the Powers To Be to get promised and contracted for products delivered to 100 years of lobbyists and their customers.