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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Is Clinton secretly working for Trump?

Last year, the experts said Trump was a double agent who was secretly working for Hillary. Of course, these experts also told me Trump's hair was a toupee. So maybe they had it backward.

From Bill Clinton:
"The country is doing better than everybody else in the world, but 80% of the country has not had a pay raise since the crash. Therefore there is great fear that we can’t return to broad-based prosperity and that has lit a lot of the fires that have helped Mr. Trump on the right and Sen. Sanders on the left. It is totally predictable."
Or maybe Bill wants to be the only President Clinton in the family. (By the way, Bill Clinton is correct.)


  1. I think Trump has the same hair stylist and speech coach as Jimmy Swaggart .... or any number of professional wrestlers.
    Though I would never vote for either, I do applaud Trump and Sanders for energizing the masses to become voters again. I'd thought I'd never see the day again when people would stand in long lines at the voting booths in this country. Hopefully those two will set the stage for a true independent to challenge the Wall Street Party (a.k.a. the Republicans and Democrats) in four years.

  2. The people at Bernie Sanders' rallies provide proof that often the most educated are the most stupid.

    1. So that means if you support Trump, you are among the least educated? Interesting.

    2. I was a double major in biology and chemistry, MD, and postgraduate subspecialty residency. It's ignoramuses like him and me that want to see America made great again. And I don't have one iota of respect for you.

    3. It means that credentialism is not proof of intelligence, worldliness, or incompetence.

      A person with 6 years in an academic setting in any field opposite 6 years of work experience in the industry? You would have to be a fool to emphasize the former, rather than the latter in front of an employer.

      Credentials are good for one thing: Covering an employer's ass around the SJW crowd when the employee does something wrong (or "wrong").

      A college degree/education is a religious totem to ward off scrutiny for being incompetent. It still works on some employers (there are plenty of incompetents there too) but the mysticism is losing its ability to dazzle and deceive.

      The "Turn" and the Prestige" have mostly worn off.

      Most employers know that a college degree in-and-of-itself is worthless - only a "rite of passage" to see if you can navigate an academic ritual, like a maze or a puzzle, and stick with the BS long enough to finish what you started.

      There's value there, but not a much as you think, and not what most college kids think it is, going in.

      So in reality: a guy with a work record, and no college degree, has a better chance of getting a job in an open hire than someone with just a college degree.

      For many companies, they can get the kid with the work record a college degree later - credentialing him, protecting him against bureaucratic scrutineers who don't know anything beyond paper.

      Does a systems engineer not know how to macroprogram multi-ganged CNCs just because he didn't get approval from PE licensing bureaucrats, or because he didn't jump through the hoops and pay MIT's protection money? Most engineers already know everything they need to know from temperature constants to programming languages before they ever enter college. They just go to college or to some seminar to "prove" they know what they're doing, not to "learn". It's a gateway into the guild, but this specific gateway is closing in lieu of better tests of merit.

      The university is a temple to worship, and they charge a fee. You go there to get "blessed", not to be "enlightened". Unfortunately, they're "blessing" too many idiots these days. Blame it on your college administrators that your paper degree is devaluing. The Alumni should have guarded their legacies, their academic religion, more carefully (and more humbly).

      With that in mind, you can decide how much time and money you wasted in the academic maze before you realized all you needed was a cheap community college degree, a steady job, and some initiative to get your foot in the door.

    4. Anon, "most educated" translates to "spent a lot of time in college getting leftist indoctrination", not "learned a lot of worthwhile knowledge".