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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Illegal alien kills three in Texas

It is disgusting that the media refuses to call illegal aliens just that: illegal aliens.

And now another illegal alien has killed three Americans -- a VFD captain and his two young children.

When you are here illegally, you don't feel you have to bother with our laws.

From the Dallas Morning News:
A 33-year-old who officials say is in the country illegally may face criminal charges after crashing into a volunteer firefighter’s car in Lavon last week, killing him and two children.
A Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman said a van driven by Margarito Quintero — who does not have a license — swerved into a northbound lane from a southbound lane on State Highway 78, striking fire Capt. Peter Hacking’s car, authorities said.
Hacking and two of his children, 4-year-old Ellie and 22-month-old Grayson, died at the scene.
Quintero, 33, and two passengers – were taken to Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano with serious injuries.
Quintero’s condition wasn’t known on Tuesday, but DPS spokesman Lonny Haschel said Tuesday that he could be charged with criminal negligent homicide by the time DPS completes its investigation of the crash.
Quintero, a Mexican citizen, entered the U.S. illegally near Laredo in August 2006. He was arrested on criminal charges and deported in 2008, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
ICE has no record of encountering Quintero since he was deported.
Build the wall.

Call it the Peter Hacking Memorial Wall


  1. If you think Cruz is going to build the wall you need your head examined.

    1. If you think Trump is going to get the Mexican government to pay for it, you need to have your license revoked ... and then have your head examined.

    2. Doc, how disappointed are you going to be when Trump doesn't do it either.

  2. Cruz and Beck probably were there to welcome this scum at the border.

    All who support open borders have blood on their hands and should be charged with murder.

    1. Cruz was advocating a wall and stronger illegal immigration enforcement before Trump ever entered the fray. Cruz just isn't dumb enough to suggest the ridiculous idea that another country pay for the wall.

    2. Rafael was at the border with Beck handing out welcome baskets to the invaders. If you think he will do anything you are nuts. He is the GOPe version of Barry Soetoro.

  3. Build the wall and deport all illegal aliens vertically - bury them on the spot where they are found. Then step back because there will be a stampede toward our southern border. Open season! - Elric

  4. The mafia media will never report them for what they are, invaders. People who are truly seeking a better life don't rape, don't murder, don't steal, and don't live off others work. Nor do they demand that the host country meet their every demand or they are raaaacisst.

  5. I grew up in rural Indiana where the farmers used "migrant" workers to harvest the fields. Every year, I swear it was like clockwork, one of the "migrants" would get liquored up, get behind the wheel, and kill someone from around my hometown. I don't think they ever caught one of them; they'd be heading back to Mexico 2 seconds after the accidents. And yes, the big farmers got rid of them and mechanized.