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Monday, April 04, 2016

Dear London Telegraph: MYOB

Janet Daley must have run out of topics for her column in the Telegraph because Daley chose to wrote about our presidential election seven months from now.

And she got it wrong.


From Daley:
Come January next year the United States may have a president who says on the record that he would cancel defence treaties with Japan and South Korea and that he wouldn’t mind those countries going nuclear, thereby reversing the non-proliferation policy which America has held since the Second World War (even though he also claims that nuclear capability is the world’s biggest problem); who regards Nato as obsolete because it is too expensive; who condemns Iran for not buying weapons from the US, even though it is forbidden to do so by America’s own sanctions, and because it is “North Korea’s number one trading partner” – which it certainly is not.
Donald Trump must be the most dangerously ignorant man ever to run for the leadership of a modern democratic country. His lack of the most basic information on world affairs approaches a sublime state of transcendental unknowing in which facts are irrelevant and only beliefs matter.
The person who is ignorant in this case is Daley.

Trump never said he will arbitrarily break any agreements with anyone. Renegotiate? Of course. And NATO is obsolete, not because it is expensive for the United States (it is) but because the Soviet Union ended 25 years ago. As for Japan and South Korea going nuke, they already are. I mean, Barack Obama just helped Iran get a nuke.

But "the most dangerously ignorant man ever to run for the leadership of a modern democratic country" -- aka The Neville Chamberlain Memorial Cup -- is now held by Angela Merkel, who allows Muslims to rape German women while turning water cannons on Germans who dare protest.

I suggesr Daley write instead of the Muslim invasion of England, or the coming British vote on exiting the European Union,


  1. Don't forget in Merkel's Germany they now have railcars that are Women Only, to prevent the peaceful religion from raping the evil Western Women.

  2. Please, Prince Charles, the future king of GB (what's left of it), that is, if his mother, the current ruling monarch, dares let him rule, is the dumbest biped known to man.

  3. The Brit inteligencia who I guess includes ms Daley, have never held much respect for the business class. A prime example was their open contempt for Thatcher. Trump is probably another example.
    Many years ago I was visiting a most famous London hospital where one of the world's great and rare pioneer heart surgeons was still operating. The Queen had hailed him as a Lord, so like all of his doctor peers he had a private practice and had done well. His wife had come to pick him up in a Rolls but the med student who was conducting me, and who who had been admitted through privilege and connections,a fact of which she was most proud, said her fellows held him in contempt. Their nickname for him was "The Grocer". When I asked why the name the reply was "Oh, he just looks like one". So it is with Ms Daley. I hope Trump is nominated and wins and does the great job I am sure he is capable of for her edification, and humiliation.

  4. Hmmm. Wikipedia says she is a conservative. The Telegraph bio says she was born in America and educated at Berkeley before beginning her political work for the Left. And the photo of her - whew! 'Nuff said? - Elric