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Monday, April 11, 2016

After Colorado, there is no Republican Party

Now, a very special message from Reince Priebus to all the Republicans who worked so hard over the years to help Republicans win back the West Virginia Legislature after 82 years.

But under the no obscenity rule, I cannot post it. Let's just say the second word in the two-word message is you.

From the Denver Post:
A day after being trounced by Sen. Ted Cruz in Colorado, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted the state party's process for selecting national delegates and called into question the results.
"The people of Colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. Biggest story in politics. This will not be allowed!" Trump posted on Twitter on Sunday evening.
Moments earlier, he posted a tweet that asked: "How is it possible that the people of the great State of Colorado never got to vote in the Republican Primary? Great anger — totally unfair!"
The Cruz campaign ran the table in Colorado, capturing all 34 delegates at a series of seven congressional district meetings this month and the state party convention Saturday in Colorado Springs.
Colorado GOP leaders canceled the party's presidential straw poll in August to avoid binding its delegates to a candidate who may not survive until the Republican National Convention in July.
No caucus. No primary. Just confusion and chaos. The state handed its 34 delegates to the RNC's pick. The media reports that Cruz out organized Trump. Yes, having the RNC serve as your  organization.

Elsewhere, in states that Trump won fair and square, the RNC is getting state officials to appoint Cruz delegates. Oh, they will vote Trump on the first ballot, but then flip to Cruz should Trump fail to reach 1,237.

I wrote a while back that Cruz is the Establishment's official "anti-Establishment" candidate. The lobbyists and weasel "Republican strategists" who own the party have a candidate who is a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs. If you think Cruz will live up to his promises, I have some free health care left for you from Obama.

The Party of Reagan is actually the Party of Mondale. That's what compassionate conservative meant. Gay marriage, male rapists in the girls bathroom, et cetera, will be Republican values too. Oh, tongues will be clucked, but whatever corporate America wants, corporate America gets. And right now, CEOs would rather be SJWs than businessmen.

Of course, cheap labor from Mexico -- be it through open borders or free trade -- is what corporate America mainly wants.

If you ever worked in a factory or have a skill instead of a college degree, Republicans do not want you. They have their man. And they know his nomination hands the presidency to Hillary Clinton. They do not care as long as they control the party and the millions dummies donate.

And when they are through, Trump will be destroyed financially and personally. He does not realize the fury he ignited by daring to run for president as the people's candidate.


  1. The Republican Party as we knew it is no more. What can disaffected Republicans do? - Elric

    1. For starters, not give a stinking dime to the RNC. Once upon a time I foolishly sent contributions. No mas.

    2. Already done that. Also, I like when they send "No Postage required" envelopes. I always return them with a little letter inside letting them know what I think. Whether anyone reads them or they will make a difference, who knows? - Elric

  2. Trump's campaign didn't put a visible paid staffer on the ground in Colorado until last week, when it hired Patrick Davis, a Colorado Springs political consultant, to organize national delegate candidates at the 7th Congressional District convention in Arvada. By then, Cruz had won the first six delegates.

    Even then, the energy behind Trump's campaign didn't materialize in support. He managed to win only seven alternate delegates.

    The Trump campaign's list of preferred national delegates distributed at the state convention on Saturday was riddled with errors and misspellings that only further hurt its chances.

    ...looks to me as if Trump couldn't be bothered to figure out the state rules, and now wants to complain that delegates didn't just fall into his lap.

    1. (those first three paragraphs are from the article that Don linked to above)

    2. No, name any other Republican aspirant who did anything like this - Christie, Rubio, Rand, Fiorina, even Jeb!

      They were all willing to abide by the will of the people.

      Everybody but Mr Morality.

    3. What, you mean all those guys who aren't even running anymore were willing to give up some delegates?

    4. So, Trump's piss-poor planning is reason to complain now. When you skate by the seat of your pants your occasionally going to get a snag in your bottom. The fact that he either didn't know about the delegation process, or just didn't care, isn't exactly confidence-inspiring.

    5. Ken: Spouting the the party line like the good little cult member you are. Of course to cultists the truth is what the party tells you it is. The Colorado GOP's actions would've made Adolph Hitler proud! The whole thing reminds me of the Austrian Anschluss.

  3. That is one Hell of an indictment, sir.

    And don't forget Cruz stole the 12 delegates that were supposed to go to the winner of the MO primary.

    And the fact Trump supporters in WI have been complaining their votes were flipped when they voted.

    The only way to end this is to expose it.

    And I can't wait for you to do so.

  4. "Whatever corporate America wants, corporate America gets."
    I've been posting this for years. Welcome to the light Don. Glad the those who support Trump are finally realizing the truth: We don't have Republican and Democrat parties in this country. We have one party: The Wall Street Party.
    Trump could have been the perfect candidate to bring the Wall Street Party down. Unfortunately, his tired teenage whiny brat act and lack of knowledge about the political process (gee, even his kids are not registered to vote in New York) brought a promising new day in U.S. politics to a grinding halt.
    Here's hoping a true independent candidate like Trump will emerge in four years to dethrone the Wall Street Party and has the savvy to see it through. It should happen cause the next U.S. president will certainly be the worse one ever, whether said prez is male or female, R or D.

  5. "Let's just say the second word in the two-word message is you."

    Love you? Ahhhh, how sweet.

  6. Cruz followed the rules that the Colorado Republican Party made specifically to stop candidates like Cruz. These rules were available since August 2015. Trump simply hired his help poorly, while Cruz hired people who were competent.

  7. Jesse Ventura was a SCOAMF governor because he did not understand the system of government or politics (which are inevitably closely intertwined) and was consequently run over by both parties. If Trump can't be bothered to figure out the published rules of the game, then there is every reason to believe the same thing will happen to him.

    The Democratically dominated (and unconstitutional) 4th branch of government, the bureaucracy, will not do his bidding like they do Obama's. He can give orders to the Border Patrol and Obama's Civil Rights division of the Injustice Dept will sue the officers for obeying them. Spew all the irrational hate you want at Cruz, he understands the system. He makes it work...and he has a track record that shows more coherence than Trump muster in a single speech and way more competence than Trump in Colorado.

    I will vote for either. I'd vote for a potted plant rather than a Democrat. But Trump doesn't endear when he acts down to the lowest stereotypes of himself.

  8. Well said, but wrong. Canadian Rafael Cruz is a means to an end for the establishment. When the Convention is called, If Trump has not locked down an excess of candidates, It won't go to Crud, they will broker in their "golden boy" choice and whether it be Jeb, Lyin Ryan, or Mittens, remains to be seen.
    Don't get me wrong, Cruz is as establishment as they come, but he is hated in the swamp. The back room dealers have chosen whom will be the loser to Hitlery in November, then, GOD save us all, America is done.

  9. I think Trump learned a lesson from Colorado or he is not as sharp as I thought.

  10. For another side of the Colorado issue, there's this at

    "Trump: I was cheated in Colorado by failing to follow rules that were clear to everyone months ago"

  11. In August 2015, the Colorado GOP decided to do away with the primary. Eight months ago. So, why is it suddenly a problem now?

  12. Don,

    I noted back in August when the CO GOP changed their rules that they were doing so to favor Bush et al over the more insurgent candidates. Didn't really work out for the state GOP because Bush dropped out so early. But honestly, the rules were in place in August and they were fairly public about it. Trump simply didn't send in competent people to work the caucus process.

    Jeff Goldstein lives in CO, so he has some idea how it all works. He and others voted for delegates to the caucus back on March 1. If you'd like more direct information from the state, I suggest you DM him or tweet. I know he'll answer.

  13. If Trump's campaign organization skills are anything like his potential presidency might be, then God help us all. -skeneogden