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Saturday, March 12, 2016

“We decided that Marco Rubio can lose Florida all by himself”

Ted Cruz is walking away from the Florida primary and will not lift a finger to help Rubio, NBC reported.

Kellyanne Conway, president of the Keep the Promise, the multiple super PAC entities backing Cruz, said the PAC will not run anti-Trump ads in Florida.
“We looked at the numbers, and we decided that Marco Rubio can lose Florida all by himself. He doesn’t need our help.”
Of course, it may be that Cruz's super Pac ran out of money.

From NBC:
With just four days remaining before the Florida primary, it’s hard to know what to make of some of the recent statewide polls. Looking at the data released this week, for every poll that shows Donald Trump’s lead over Marco Rubio growing to around 20 points, there’s another that shows Trump’s advantage shrinking to single digits.
Rubio hasn’t led in any statewide poll in his own home state since mid-April 2015.
Of course, the polls are garbage this year.

Still, Trump draws thousands, Rubio draws hundreds.

Soon, Gang of Eight will refer to the number of his supporters.


  1. "Soon, Gang of Eight will refer to the number of his supporters." Mannnnn, that's gotta HURT.

  2. All the head counters and professional strategists in the world can't compete with political instinct. Trump has it in spades. The GOPe is in a shambles now. Cruz was sitting there in a position to become the guy who was going to save the party from Trump and he blew it. I think the talking points were worked out before the Chicago event took place, circumstances changed, and he and his handlers were unable to change gears quick enough. If Trump had force the event forward those talking points may have worked to Cruz' advantage and may have only harmed him with a few people whose minds were already made up, but Trump acted on gut instinct, canceled the event, and Cruz went ahead with his preplanned response without recalculating. It is precisely in this need to calculate that places Trump's opponents at a disadvantage. Trump doesn't need to calculate. What you see is what you get. Not everything in life can be broken down analytically, and people who are into that kind of thinking in a big way despise people who can function otherwise. People who have had to work very hard to develop certain skills tend to hate both the fact and the person they come across who can do the same effortlessly by natural skill. I noticed this in my medical and surgical training. Some of my own mentors hated my guts because I could do thongs better than they could right out of the gate. They had been telling their nurses for years how hard it was and here's this first year resident doing it like he's been doing it all his life. This is the same kind of resentment I sense in a lot of people for the Donald, and they felt the same way about Reagan and Palin--if she's so talentless how come she's worth millions now with everyone against her?

  3. Chico did 2 things yesterday that will cement his position as an also ran in this primary season: 1) he blamed Trump for the violence caused by leftist agitators at Trump campaign events; 2) he broadly hinted that he will not support candidate Trump, even though he signed "the pledge".

    1. Cruz is being a jackass, but did you really think Trump would make good on the pledge. Not for a minute.

  4. If Cruz is not even trying in Florida what can we infer about his seriousness about seeking the nomination? - Elric