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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Voter ID passes in West Virginia

Republicans passed a Voter ID bill that Democratic Governor Earl Ray Tomblin likely will veto.

West Virginia Democrats who controlled the state legislature for 82 years claim there is no voter fraud in the state.

Tomblin's father went to federal prison for organizing voter fraud in Logan County. Twice. In 1974 and again in 1990, years after he left federal prison

The late Earl Tomblin, convicted felon.

Democrats claim the poor cannot get documents.

From the State Journal:
Among the forms of identification that would be accepted at the polling place as proof of identity under the Senate version of the bill would be: a West Virginia drivers license or non-driver photo ID, a drivers license from another state, an employee identification card with a photograph, a military ID, a college or high school student identification card and a concealed weapons permit with a photograph.
Among documents that don’t require a photo that would be accepted as proof of identification under the Senate version of the bill would ironically include a voter's registration card, as well as: a Medicare or Social Security card, birth certificate, hunting or fishing license, SNAP identification card, TANF identification card, credit card, bank card, a utility bill with the voter’s name on it, a paycheck or a bank statement.
They should name the law the Late Earl Tomblin Law.

A veto override requires only a simple majority in West Virginia.


  1. With those rules, why bother?

  2. With those rules, why bother?

  3. There's NEVER been voter fraud, but twice by a Democrat, and blacks are too dumb to be able to get ID, say Dems.

    1. This *is* West Virginia, though.

  4. Dimocrats always claim there is no voter fraud, but as soon as voter ID is passed, Dimocrat votes mysteriously go down. Amazing! It happened here in Georgia.

    And as Sam L sez, Dimocrats are always saying by their actions that blacks are dumb. Too dumb to get ID's. Too dumb to get into colleges so standards have to be lowered and the SAT is culturally biased. Aptitude tests discriminate against blacks because they can't pass them. Who are the racists?

  5. Tomblin has become a disgrace to this state. A tool. Just a flat out tool of the Obama Left.

  6. Nyurink! Something happened to the comment box... - Elric

  7. Maybe I am seeing something where there is nothing, but how on earth can they accept a DL from another state. Wouldn't that be proof that the holder doesn't live in the WV?