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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rubio regrets attacking Trump's manhood

I like how CNN tiptoed around the wording of Marco Rubio's attack on Trump's manhood.

From CNN:
Sen. Marco Rubio says if he could do it all over again he wouldn't have gone personal with insults to Donald Trump.
"At the end of the day, you know it's not something I'm entirely proud of," the Florida Republican told MSNBC during a town hall airing Wednesday night. "My kids were embarrassed by it, and if I had to do it again, I wouldn't."
But Rubio told NBC's Chuck Todd in a clip released early by the network that aside from the personal insults, Rubio stands behind his attacks on Trump's business record.
He repeated the regret in an interview with Fox's Megyn Kelly filmed before a live audience at his rally (in Hialeah, Florida) Wednesday evening.
OK, let us not dance around it. Rubio said: "You Know What They Say About Men With Small Hands -- (pause) -- You Can't Trust Them."

It was a dumb remark -- childish -- and on Tuesday, voters rewarded Rubio with exactly zero of the 150 delegates up for grabs.

Well, it is not as if Trump never insulted anyone. Difference is, he does not apologize after he loses.

Politics ain't beanbag. But if you are going to hit below the belt, don't wuss out later with regrets.


  1. Bingo. We don't need a man in the oval office who's talents consist of turning his back on his base, doubling down on it, dissembling when caught with his pants down, and making a bad situation worse.

  2. Some people could have successfully passed off that remark about Trump as merely a joke, but not Rubio. Life is unfair, and with his campaign floundering, Rubio came off as a petulant little boy in short pants who was striking back at an older adult out of frustration, and perhaps even a bit of jealousy. I give him a pass.

  3. Rubio made his fatal error with the gang of 8 and his later attempt to misrepresent its real goal of amnesty, to which he had knowingly signed on. Then Cruz came off looking like a Machiavellian Borgia who had cleverly and boldly administered poison to him as a naïve andfeckless opponent. Following this, Christie, the school yard bullie, left Rubio's remaining bona fides as a resolute leader in tatters. The juvenile humor was just more evidence for this popular conclusion.
    I have a marriage relation who raises money for Rubio. She tells me He is intelligent as well as a sweet person of honor and character. What voters seem to be looking for though is not virtue but effectiveness and Trump is projecting himself in that image now. He has rallied and promised his troops they will take back their captured city and that he will restore it's temples and gods directly to their righteous care, and he is believed . Personally I feel Cruz would best preserve what is left of our sacred old America. But we are in an age of virtual reality in which an image can be made to seem more desirable than reality itself using only weightless photons. Trump is projecting that image all alone at present and brightly too.

  4. Rubio's delegate tally is looking as limp as a Trappist monk after a cold shower.

    1. Trappist monk? Is that the new euphemism for Trump's body part that Rubio alluded to?

  5. Trump is projecting Alpha Male. A lot of people are tired of the beta and gamma males who project helplessness, uncertainty, vacillation and surrender. It would have been nice if that alpha maleness had come in a better package. I'd had such hopes for Rick Perry. But you have to take alphaness as it comes.