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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Punching back twice as hard works

When the Des Moines Register told Trump to leave the race in July, he attacked the newspaper -- and banned its reporters from covering his closed events.

It worked. The newspaper just posted: "The Donald is right! Gucci store worth more than Romney.":
Real estate developer, reality TV star and potential presidential contender Donald Trump boasted to The Des Moines Register on Monday that 45,000 square feet of commercial real estate he owns in Midtown Manhattan is worth more than Mitt Romney.
Mitt committed Trumpicide today. That is when you attack Donald Trump. He will punch back twice as hard. The bodies litter the landscape: Rosie. Jeb. Spy magazine. All gone.

Trumpkins and non-believers are going to love my book. It'll be yuuge.


  1. Trumpkins and non-believers are going to love my book. It'll be yuuge.

    Writer faster.

    A fellow (pro, not amateur) writer

  2. Let's just say that, when Trump punches someone in the nose, he aims for the back of the head.

  3. It's pretty clear that Mittens will not be Trump's choice for the VP slot.

  4. Two words that denote defeat are "Too Late".

  5. Does anyone really believe that Trump owns the Gucci store free of mortgage? Then you do not understand the real estate business. Another backward lie from Donald who is inferring that he owns the store lock, store and barrel but he didn't say that, he just suggested.

  6. Joining Trump isn't exactly good business either. Sarah Palin and Chris Christie can attest to that.

  7. I would love to see how many businesses other than real estate ventures has Trump been successful. My point being is that the President must keep a lot of balls in the air and keep his eye on each one. The President needs to have an understanding of a wide range of issues and be able to resolve them. It seems that Trump is good at real estate but has failed miserably at any other venture he has attempted. His skill set seems to me to be very narrow. I find that notion terrifying. He gets extremely agitated when called to task on his lack of real knowledge on any given topic and starts wildly just waving his hands...I don't want that hand to accidently hit a red button.

    1. Unfortunately Sheryl, you are in the minority when thinking Trump will make a poor president. He has gambled on a number of ventures and has failed a fair amount of time. Fine by me for a private businessman to operate such a way; not so fine when it will be with our taxes and livelihoods that he gambles. As for his obvious childish temper tantrums, is this country ready to brace for them when it comes to handling the press for real; handling rouge dictators; handling an adversarial Congress; etc.? Shakespeare (or was it Plato) comes to mind re: Trump: "The empty vessel makes the loudest sound."

  8. Harry Truman was a failure as well before entering politics. Just sayin'


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