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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Men want abortions, too

Why should women be the only ones who can opt out of the responsibilities of parenting?

In Sweden, men may get that "right" too.

From Sweden:
Men who don’t want to become fathers should be permitted to have a “legal abortion” up to the 18th week of a woman’s pregnancy, say the young liberals. 
The cut-off date coincides with the last week in which a woman can terminate a pregnancy in Sweden. 
“This means a man would renounce the duties and rights of parenthood,” LUF Väst chairman Marcus Nilsen told The Local. 
By signing up for a “legal abortion” then, a man would not have to pay maintenance for his child, but neither would he have any right to meet the child. 
The group believes “legal abortion” for men would promote equality between the sexes in the early stages of a pregnancy, giving men a chance to opt out. Women would also benefit if they knew from the get-go whether a man was willing to commit to parenthood, the young liberals say. 
I have had this conversation with conservative women who support abortion (they argue government should not make these decisions) and they say it is not the same.

If you play, you pay.

Oh brother.

And then there is this injustice: "Carnell Alexander has been fighting for some time to clear his name, but on Tuesday he was dealt a harsh blow when a judge demanded that he pay $30,000 in back child support for a child whom the courts now know is not his."


  1. The problem is some guys don't know that what's her name from the bar got pregnant. How do you do the 18 week parental abortion when the woman shows up with a three year old saying you owe money?

  2. Yeah. Conservative women. Women first, last, and always. Conservative when it suits them.

    Some people think it's crazy or strange for a man to take a vow of celibacy. Real life shows that it's crazy to do anything else.

  3. So, Mr. Surber, still think these refined creatures should not be exposed to the draft?

  4. The same right should be given to men in the US. And as long as women can get abortions in the last trimester of their pregnancy, so should men on the same legal grounds: where there are no legal limits on abortions for women, there should be no legal limits for men. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Because equality!!!!

  5. Women have the winning hand. They can choose to have a child or not. The man has zero say in the matter, but he will end up with 18+ years of child support payments nonetheless. "Voice of Experience" here. The WV BCSE is notoriously incompetent. I am ahead on my payments but they say I'm behind and took my WV tax refund anyway. It's so bad the WV DHHR is preparing to fire the lot of them and start over. Good luck with that. One year to go fro me! - Elric

  6. A while back Dr. Helen Smith offered a concise summary of the content of feminist discourse: "Women have options. Men have obligations".

    1. That's putting it very succinctly - and charitably. - Elric

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