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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Clinton/Kasich 2016

Is Kasich auditioning for Hillary's running mate?

The Ohio governor supports Barack Obama's choice for the Supreme Court.

From CBS News:

John Kasich: I'd consider nominating Merrick Garland to Supreme Court
Ohio governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich gently criticized Senate Republicans' approach to President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, suggesting lawmakers should at least meet with the nominee, and even saying he'd consider nominating Garland himself, as president.
"I never thought the president should send it because I knew nothing was going to happen," Kasich told "Face the Nation."
"Frankly," he added, "they probably ought to all sit down and meet with the guy."
Senate Republican leaders have adamantly refused to consider the nomination of Garland, who's currently a federal appeals court judge. While most of the Senate GOP caucus has refused to even meet with the nominee, some individual GOP senators have said they'd be willing to sit down with him, and at least one -- Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk -- has broken with his party and called for a vote on Garland's nomination.
"My feeling is, at the end of the day, whoever gets elected president should be in a position to be able to pick you know who they want and the American people will either decide by voting for a Republican or Democrat what the makeup of the court is," Kasich said in the interview, which was taped Saturday.
The Ohio governor even suggested he'd consider naming Garland himself if he wins the presidency, noting the praise the nominee has received from conservatives in the past.
Of course, Democrats would never do that for Bush or Reagan or Kasich.

But he knows that, because he knows "bipartisan" means Republicans giving in to Democrats. Whether that impresses Hillary more than locking the Hispanic vote in with Julian Castro is a matter of speculation, at this point.

I am not the only one thinking this is the Democratic Party dream team. Chris Matthews suggested it last week.


  1. I really have no idea what Kasich is trying to do. So far in this race he has proven that he can win Ohio, which everybody knew because he is Ohio's governor. Otherwise he is reinforcing what a large group of people already believe about establishment Republicans - they are more than willing to give Democrats everything they want. Of course, that tendency is the reason why in this race the two candidates with the most votes (around 75%) are the candidates that are not establishment Republicans.

    - Mikey NTH

    1. I have relatives (wife's side) in OH and they all think Kasich is a Doosh. And I like them, so I just figure they're right..

  2. What a waste of air. Who is financing this putz? - Elric

  3. How many Democrats voted for Kasich in the Ohio primary? Was it an open primary? If so, where are all the Republicans complaining about Democrats voting in Republican primaries?