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Friday, March 04, 2016

Butt ugly debate

The circus on Fox News last night should end the debate season entirely. The Republican National Convention sold 400 of the 450 seats to braying jackasses, and Trump, Rubio and Cruz acted the fool. Kasich stayed out of it. I bailed after 30 minutes.

Life is too short for this nonsense.

Reince Priebus  was supposed to tame this process. He failed. But so did the candidates.

For all of Trump's talk on Tuesday of bringing the party together, he beclowned himself about talking about his dick. Yes, Rubio started it with that small hands crapola, but Trump refused to let it go.

But Mitt Romney set the table for the bad evening with hiss insipid remarks about The Donald earlier on Thursday.

Mitt never attacked Obama personally, but he called Trump a fraud.

Voters will be glad when this is over.

Trump should just end these debates once and for all.

Upside, it did free time for me to work on my post-nomination book. You will love it. Really. When you finish reading it, you will get down on one knee and ask it to marry you. That is how good this book is. Really. I am scrubbing it of all typos and dropped words, and quadruple checking facts. It's fun. You will like it. Serious.

Now to start writing Page 2.


  1. I have avoided *all* the debates this year, and I decide to watch some of this one. What an idiot.

  2. It's gonna be one heckuva book!

  3. The debates have been nothing but media shows from day one. The only meaningful debate I can remember from reading is Lincoln-Douglas. It was two guys on a stage with no moderator. The right has always been foolish to go along with this. No substantive discussion of issues can be done with thirty seconds sound bites.
    Trump knows this. And he knows he can get more free headlines talking about how Rubio tried to make fun of his phallic dimensions. All I can say is that we know that Trump doesn't have manure all over his. Not so sure about the pool boy.

  4. Apropos of nothing, Don, I want you to know my wife tells me my hands are yuuuuuge. She says they're ginormous. That is all.

  5. Being as how it's a dark and stormy night and all, how do you get the typewriter to balance on top of the doghouse while writing that book?

  6. These are not debates. They are press conferences that allow the candidates to yell at each other. I have not watched a single one. Maybe if they were real debates I would.


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