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Friday, February 05, 2016

Without O'Malley, Democratic debate ratings fall to historic lows

Rachel Maddow ended the Democratic debate by hugging the two remaining candidates, but the one she needed most was not there. Martin O'Malley dropped out of the race before she could quiz him on his fine record as governor of Maryland.

From CNN:
MSNBC's feisty debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton received high marks from political observers, but not high ratings from ordinary viewers.
With 4.5 million viewers, it was the lowest-rated debate of the 2016 election cycle by far, according to Nielsen data.
The prior low was 7.8 million viewers for ABC's Democratic debate on the Saturday night before Christmas.
Ah yes, now I remember: They held a debate the Night Before Christmas.

And it had nearly twice as many viewers.

O'Malley turned out to be the Democratic Party's Trump card. From CNN: "The most recent GOP debate, a Trump-free match-up on the Fox News Channel, had 12.5 million viewers, and that was considered underwhelming by Fox and GOP debate standards."

By the way, O'Malley got 2.3% of the vote in Iowa -- which was more than Kasich, Christie, Fiorina, Santorum or Huckabee.


  1. The only way the Democrats are going to get a big audience for their "debates" is if Sanders and Clinton strip down to their skivvies and wrestle in a mud pit.

    1. Thanks for putting that image indelibly into my mind.

  2. If that's O'Malley (I can't tell), that's a great picture of him contesting the Monty Python Twit Of The Year contest.

  3. The Democrats have a choice: The Bolshevik or The Fishwife.

    Fundamentally Transformed, indeed.

    - Mikey NTH

  4. Mussolini's Italy or Hugo Chavez's Venezuela.

  5. I would have thought O'Malley could have given the old gal a run for her money. He, after all, was the Democrat Governor who signed a bill to tax rain.

    1. At the end of his tax loving term Celtic Blunder O'Malley was so despised as Free State governor that his hand picked successor, a Kennedy, was defeated by a Republican businessman with no political experience.


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