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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Al Sharpton Wing Of The Republican Party

To those throwing tantrums over the pending nomination of Donald John Tump:

Welcome to the Al Sharpton Wing of the Republican Party.

From Brian Anderson:
I think Al Sharpton has all but guaranteed a Donald Trump presidency with a tantalizing new offer. The accomplished race-hustler says he’s leaving the US if Trump wins the White House. This may be the best endorsement of all time because I honestly can think of a better incentive to bring out the votes than this.
Sharpton was giving a press conference for God knows what at a Center for American Progress event on Thursday. When asked about the GOP frontrunner, Big Al did his best to ensure a Trump victory.
“If Donald Trump is the nominee, I’m open to support anyone, while I’m also reserving my ticket to get outta here if he wins, only because he’d probably have me deported anyway,” said Sharpton.
Clearly Sharpton understands our nation’s immigration laws in the same way the he understands our tax laws, but that’s beside the point. The real news is that Sharpton, like so many whiny liberals, is going to exit America if Trump takes it all in November. He said it. It’s on video. I consider that to be a legally binding agreement. No backsies.
Here is a thought: Maybe an open border is not a good idea.

And maybe there is a limit to free trade.

And finally, maybe natives of America who pay the price for this via fewer job opportunities should be considered something other than klansmen when they dare complain about the price they pay for free trade and open borders. More and more, the Conservative Commentariat acts and reacts like the academic lefties who place ideological purity above reality.


  1. Another black LibDem, this time a female daytime TV talker, has threatened to leave the country "if a Republican is nominated". Too bad she doesn't know enough about the political process to understand how stupid her statement is. Any way - good riddance.

  2. He's threatening to leave if Trump wins? I consider that a feature not a bug.

    Someone in a group my wife and I were traveling with recently threatened to do the same. With a straight face, I wished her good luck in her new home, wherever that was, and reminded her she would still have to pay US income taxes. A modern day exodus of people like her might not be so bad, I thought.

  3. The Donald just got my vote. - Elric

  4. Is it a tantrum if you don't trust Donald, and therefore haven't gotten behind him like a good little lemming.

  5. If Sharpton would really leave that is ALMOST, but not quite a reason to support Trump.

  6. Al will just do what all those movie people did who claimed they'd leave if W got elected--nuthin. Still, I'd love to see a pack of locals out picketing Al's place when he doesn't leave. Oh. Wait. Doesn't he have a place in the Bahamas?