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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Study shows coal burning protects Poca from global warming

Everyone should have a 3,000 MW coal-fired power plant in their back yard. I highly recommend it. And now science has proven that a carbon dioxide-spewing power plant is your best protection from global warming.

From the University of Queensland:
Global climate change resembles a room of second-hand smoke, new research has found, with countries emitting the least amount of gasses suffering the most.
The study by The University of Queensland and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) shows a dramatic global mismatch, with the highest emitting countries – including Australia - the least vulnerable to climate change effects.
Of course, this is like saying smoker don't get cancer, non-smokers do. It is further proof that their theory about burning hydrocarbons is totally wrong. The areas not burning "fossil fuels" (new evidence raises doubts that oil is old dinosaurs) would be protected, but clearly this is working in the opposite manner. The developed world is not having the problems the undeveloped world is.

My suggestion is to put down the bows and arrows and develop your countries.

Meanwhile, temperatures are below freezing again today in Poca, West Virginia, thanks to that big power plant in our back yard. Right? It's science!

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  1. All of the emissions cause a pocket of higher air pressure, thus pushing away lower pressure air masses. I see it all the time in the cloud formations around John Amos, especially when storm systems move in. You can also see it happening on the live weather radar feeds. B.S. Pulausky said he created "The Great B.S. Snow Shield," but it was really John Amos. - Elric