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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stat of the day

"I think that all congressman, senators, when they campaign should wear Nascar racing suits," former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said in June 2012. "They have their sponsors, or donors, on big patches. Then we can learn as citizens who owns this candidate."

If so, Donald Trump's suit would have but one name: his.

Love Trump, hate him. I do not care. But he is his own man.

Now for the stat of the day:
Rubio $76 million
Cruz $60 million
Trump $6,2 million
That is how much money they have taken from donors.

Trump's comes from supporters who do not have a lot of money -- and his own pocket: $17.8 million.

While the other candidates were spending their lives raising money and running for office, Trump turned his family's business into a million-dollar operation into a multi-billion-dollar empire. Like Pinocchio, he has no strings on him.

That is part of the reason that despite spending three times as much money ($76 million to $24 million -- his own and donations) Marco Rubio has yet to beat The Donald in a caucus or primary.

Voters notice. From Politico:
According to a POLITICO analysis of reports filed Saturday with the Federal Election Commission, through the end of January the campaign of the billionaire real estate showman had spent a total of $24 million. That’s less than half as much as the rivals who finished in a distant second-place tie behind him in South Carolina, Marco Rubio (whose campaign and super PAC and non-profit allies have spent $76 million) and Ted Cruz ($60 million), the analysis found.
Most Republicans hate the Republican Party in Washington. Rubio's plan now that Trump beat Jeb Bush, Rubio hopes to became the Republican Establishment candidate.

Good luck with that.


  1. And Bush also spent oodles of other peoples money to go no where. Trump doesn't need to spend money, just open his mouth and say something, anything, and the press is right there covering him. He really does have the press in his watch pocket, and I don't think they really realize it.

    1. "....the press is right there covering him."
      I believe this is called "In Kind" campaign contributions. Doubtful Mr. Trump has reported this to requisite authorities as required by law.

    2. If it's "required by law" when a candidate gets unpaid press coverage, when will Bernie and especially Hillary report all the kind/in-kind words he/she gets from left-leaning news media like the WaPo and NYT, which serve as the house newsletters for the Democrat Party? Just asking if you see any issues with the way most of the media openly root for one side in political campaigns?

    3. Anon, it's not "in-kind" if they're tearing him down or attacking him.

  2. I'm reminded of the tune supposedly played when Lord Cornwallis surrendered Yorktown: "The World Turned Upside Down." - Elric