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Friday, February 12, 2016

Soon, West Virginians will have the right to work

Soon, West Virginia. Soon.

On July 1, 2016, the people of West Virginia finally will have the right to hold a job without paying a union troll for that privilege.

The Republican Party voted to override Democratic Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, a career politician whose only real life job was running illegal gambling machines for his father, who went to prison for being a crooked sheriff.

Less than 7% of the private work force (people who do not work for the government) in America is unionized. That means that 93% of Americans have rejected this 19th century approach to labor-management relations.

Less than half the people of working age in West Virginia have a job.

Tomblin said this legislation will have little economic benefit.

That's better than the 82 years of Democratic control that gutted the state's economy. Voters finally wised up in 2014 and voted in their first Republican-led legislature since 1932. This year, the Governor's Mansion, state agriculture commissioner, auditor, secretary of state, and treasurer should swing Republican. Already have a Republican attorney general, and he just beat Obama in court over outlawing coal.


  1. Right to Work is only window dressing. So it passed. Big deal. How many businesses were/are lined up ready to set up in West Virginia as a result. So far, the Republican lead House and Senate in WV is proving to be just as incompetent as the Ds.

    1. The point is moral, jerk. No one should be violently forced to support political positions that they disagree with.

  2. Oh hell no. Even if they tried they could not be as incompetent

  3. Real right to work: abolish occupational licensing. Especially my field, medicine. You've been getting ripped off for a hundred years now. That should be enough.

  4. Ask your legislators to roll back/eliminate mucho regulations, Don. That will help people with businesses, and then they can hire more employees.

  5. It will be interesting and important to W. Va. to see how the EPA air quality rules currently before SCOTUS shake out. If SCOTUS stops the Obama/EPA war on coal the RTW law could become real controversial real fast.