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Saturday, February 13, 2016

President Bernie

The cute, cuddly, communist college professor likely will get the Democratic Party nomination because Hillary Clinton is detestable to all but her aging hippie die-hard fans, Sanders could become president as well. While the members of the conservative commentariat are pouting because Donald Trump is more popular than Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio put together, conservatives ignore the fact that Bernie is not only beating her, but he is beating all of them. Unless conservatives act fast, it will be 2008 all over again. Sanders studied and learned from the 2008 campaign. They have not.

When America reaches a crossroads, the conservative commentariat usually chooses ideological purity over winning, strategies that led to Presidents Clinton and Obama. The communists are willing to swallow a President Carter and a President Clinton knowing they will eventually get a President Obama. The conservatives keep looking for another Reagan. No surrender. Accept no substitutes. No compromise.

No victory, too.

But really, Reagan? Why not Coolidge? Why not Lincoln? They are just as relevant today. The Soviet Union no longer exists. The Islamic State does. But the conservatives offer no plan for defeating the Islamic State. Threats of an SDI program will not cause the Mohammeds to back down.

But too many conservatives are too busy carrying water for the Chamber of Commerce on keeping the borders open at all costs to come up with a plan to defeat the Islamic State. Half of Iowa is a sanctuary city because the meatpacking industry wants cheap labor that won't sue over unhealthy and unsafe conditions. And Sir Rupert Murdoch is pro-open borders because now that he all that money, he wants to move up in society and the only way to do that in America is by adopting anti-capitalist attitudes.

Sometimes I wonder if Washington is a beach because there are so many heads in the sand there.

While hordes of Muslims who are terrorizing Europeans by raping European boys and girls, our conservative commentators are lecturing us on xenophobia and how Ellis Island compels us to accept all comers, no questions asked.

That is a lefty lie.

We opened Ellis Island in 1892 to screen immigrants. If you were a radical or other threat to America, we sent you back. But these ideologically pure conservatives wandering in the dark with their lanterns looking for the next Reagan are falling for this Obaman nonsense that it is unAmerican to have a border.

Bernie is winning for the same reason Barack won. In 2008, conservatives focused on Hillary and thought stopping her was all they had to do. But Bernie is not just beating her, but he is beating every Republican candidate. In fact, he is in far better shape than Obama was after the New Hampshire primary in 2008. Not only does Bernie have Barack's core, he has a core that is confident. They did it before, they will do it again.

Conservatives are fighting the last war. They refuse to adapt. Communists are not that stupid. They backed off on gun control (temporarily) in order to implement gay marriage and acceptance of transgenders. They own the culture while conservatives keep coming off as old fuddy duddies.

It's not fair?

Life's not fair.

Conservatives have accepted that they must "reach out" to Hispanics in order to avoid being a permanent minority party 50 years from now. But the best way to get Hispanicss into the party is by offering the same guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that Republicans offer white people.

Conservatives should wise up. We should close the borders. We should halt immigration until it is safe to accept people not just from Muslim countries but the ones being overrun by Muslims.

We also should consider that free trade carries a price, just like free college, free health care, free housing and all the other Bernie freebies. That price is paid by people whom the conservative commentariat never consider. The factory closes? Well, blame the unions comes the cry from the Washington. Except 93% of the non-government jobs in America are non-union. Maybe free trade -- like abortion -- has its limits.

We also should consider that tax cuts work only when spending accompany them. Warren Harding's plan killed the recession in 1921 only because he gutted spending and did not run up the debt too high. No spending cuts, no tax cuts. And by the way, the cuts should come where they would do the economy the most good: At the corporate level. That may not seem popular but 4 percent unemployment is -- and real 4 percent, not Obamathematics numbers.

Conservatives are stuck in the 1980s. Communists are stuck in the 1960s. The difference is the communists offer better music.

Oh and forget about the tanking of the economy saving conservatives. Big business will be blamed. It always is. Facts don't matter. Deal with it. Conservatives will have to earn this election.

Instead of trying to knock down Trump, conservatives had better embrace him or find a better candidate, and get ready to fight a long, hard battle. Bernie only seems harmless.


  1. Could you name names? To whom are you referring when you say the "conservatives" because I sure as heck know none of MY friends refer to the border problems. Essentially I agree with this column but I'm wondering....are you referring to the talking heads on Fox? I have been disappointed with Fox lately, that's for sure. They seem like they're turning into Democrat lite.

  2. Sorry. I meant ignore the border problems. In fact, a number of my conservative friends are definitely pro Trump, just because he doesn't roll over. The concern is that he's a closet liberal who will behave just like Obama once in office.

    1. That's my problem: I don't trust him. He's a chameleon who seems to change to what suits him at the time, and is his whole shtick now just a ploy to grab the ultimate in power, and unfortunately, my head tells me yes. I just find it very hard to believe that a guy had a conversion from fairly hard-core left to strident right at the age of 60. Not really wanting to find out when the guy he nominates for a Supreme Court vacancy is Lawrence Tribe.

    2. Obama will beat him to it with the Lawrence Tribe appointment to succeed Scalia.

  3. Must disagree. Sanders will not be the Democrat nominee - period.

    No amount of worshiping that Bernie! does in the Holy Church of Josef Stalin will change the fact that Sanders is (1) white (2) male (3) straight, and (4) Jewish. In the toxic identity politics sewer that the Democrat Party has become those things makes him Hitler reincarnated.

    1. A straight, white Jewish male communist. In 2008, Hillary lost when the Left saw "The First Black President". Don't underestimate the appeal to "The First Communist President". Remember, the Democrats hate the United States because it defeated their beloved Soviet Union.

  4. I agree with Recovering Lutheran. The Witch has a huge advantage already among the super delegates. The math doesn't work for The Nut to oust her.

    I agree with the substance of the article.

  5. And yeah, She Who Will Not Be Indicted makes too good a narrative as The First Woman to suppose that The Media Overlords will treat her with anything other than Crowley Cover.

  6. Disgruntled leftist millennials will NOT turn GOP, no matter how the nomination is stolen from them.

    1. They won't turn GOP, since they have consumed anti-Republican propaganda their whole lives, but they may stay home.

  7. You certainly are hitting the nail square.
    Only thing I quibble with is Open Trade. Otherwise, our "conservative leaders" are crap. Not sure Bernie would win against Trump. But then our betters might just rig the convention for Rubio and give Bernie the win.

  8. I don't know how Bernie can win the nomination if it keeps going this way:

    --Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary, and he won by a lot. But thanks to DNC rules, he still walks away from the Granite State with roughly the same number of delegates as his rival Hillary Clinton (maybe even less). The uphill battle Sanders faces in the Democratic party is undemocratic and illustrates why party politics needs to be reformed.
    The discrepancy comes down to superdelegates (also known as unpledged delegates), party insiders whose vote counts the same as pledged delegates (the ones people voted for), but can support whoever they want. Hillary Clinton currently has 359 of these party officials in her corner, Sanders has 8, and 210 remain undecided, according to a recent survey posted on NPR.
    Still, the total count is fluid, because the DNC insiders can change their votes at any time. As a result, estimates in New Hampshire vary. The conservative-leaning news site Daily Caller says Clinton has at least 15 votes total, and Sanders has at least 13. The Hill says they’re both tied at 15. No one is saying Sanders will walk away with 60 percent of the total delegates even though that’s the percentage of New Hampshire voters who supported him.--


  9. You're right. I've noticed that "Conservative Purity" is becoming the true test - for instance, Mark Levin is just going off the rails, practically foaming at the mouth about how it has to be pure conservatism or - nothing.

    I'm not sure Trump can meet that test, but he may well be able to "Make the country Great Again".

    We need such a pragmatist.

  10. Too many people want to throw likely to possible voters out of the voting booth. "Purer than Thou" is a step on the Road To Perdition.

  11. Sorry Don, I'm out of the business of eating poop sandwiches ("better embrace him") and getting with the program. Not sure how it will come out in the end, but I'm done with being told to choke it down or I'm somehow ruining America.