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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Karl Rove. Bless his heart

Karl Rove told Fox News this morning that Donald Trump lost the South Carolina primary.

Via Real Clear Politics:
CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS: Karl, you and Mr. Trump have had some unkind things to say about each other. I am going to ask you to play a thought experiment. You are Donald Trump's campaign manager. How considered are you? He won in New Hampshire and South Carolina, but with 35 percent of the vote. How does he expand that? That is enough in a seven man race, it is not enough in a three man race.
KARL ROVE: This is the key question. Remember, he peaks on February 11th at 38% in the RealClearPolitics average. If you took out the undecideds he was at 40 percent. And today he is going to be 34%. He's declining and not rising. If I were him I'd be worried. 
And after all of the ugly things he said -- first, stop saying the ugly things. Stop yelling liar at the top of your lungs and start focusing on what needs to be done to knit these people together and unite them because there is a lot of damage done. 
I disagree with all due respect to Carl Cameron. As people dropout -- if Jeb Bush were to drop out, his people are unlikely to go to Donald Trump. There might be a few of them, but the vast majority would go elsewhere. If John Kasich were to drop out -- again, which of the 11 people who dropped has embraced Donald Trump and thrown themselves into his camp.
Jeb left last night. Someone tell Rove. People do not drop out. They concede. Trump has beaten a dozen candidates so far with four left to go.

If Trump peaked at 40, Rubio and Cruz peaked at 21 and Jeb at 17. Carson was the last to lead Trump the national average. In November.


  1. The crystal ball has been shattered. I don't think anyone knows what will happen. It will just have to unfold as we go along.

    1. My Magic 8-Ball says, "Answer Hazy; Ask Again Later".

  2. Karl Rove is concerned about his loss of influence (and income) if Trump runs the table.

  3. I think there is a good chance this race is over after the primaries on March 1. If Trump runs the table that day, it is over.

  4. Karl Rove reminds me of General Gamelin in the spring of 1940.

    - Mikey NTH

  5. Karl is furious that the leading candidate is not crawling to him for money and advice.

  6. Mr. Rove has passed his "Use By" date. - Elric

  7. Back when I watched TV, I was always amazed how political pundits like Rove tossed around poll numbers like they were some sort of exact measurements instead of the very rough estimates of opinion that they really are. I'm sure they know better, but it's part of the act I guess.

  8. Rove is doing his Baghdad Bob impersonation.