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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Islamic invasion of Austria begs the question: Where is our John III Sobieski?

The Ottoman Empire took Constantinople, the last capital of the Eastern half of the ancient Roman empire, and renamed it Istanbul, then set its sights for Vienna. Austrians rebuffed sieges in 1485 and 1529. But by 1683, all looked lost till the King of Poland, John III Sobieski, gathered his troops at Kraków on August 15, 1683, and marched to save Austria.

We need the Poles to save Austria again.

From the London Daily Mail:
Linz, Austria, has become a gathering point for migrants turned away from Germany because they come from 'safe' countries
They are now massing at the train station -- where there is free wifi, access to alcohol and warm passenger lounges
But pack mentality has taken over -- and women passing through are routinely grabbed at and insulted by the men, it is claimed
It is claimed the groups fight between themselves, have been defecating in the bushes and are seen 'falling over drunk' 
And there is this:
One woman interviewed by MailOnline outside was too frightened to give her name. But in terse sentences, delivered in the staccato of a firing machine gun, she said: 'Come here at night? I would rather order a taxi straight to hell.
'What's it like? It is terrible. Fearful. I would say shameful. They are predators, they are drunk and they are all over the place.
'I hate what they have turned this into. I am a decent person, I am not a Nazi, not a hater of people. But they have no right to behave the way they do in my city. Or anywhere. How dare they make my station a place of fear.' 
Police or any other local authority have refused to identify the troublesome migrants. They are collectively referred to as North Africans, citizens of countries like Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco that are now no longer considered danger zones by Germany.
But one senior lawman told MailOnline that the majority of the troublemakers turning the concourse into a no-go zone for females at night are from one country; Morocco.
The Linz problem was highlighted in an embarrassing - for the bureaucrats at least - letter by a father of a 16-year-old girl to the local governor Josef Puehringer. Identified only as Franz H., he said: 'My daughter is 16 and is terrified when she has to come through Linz train station in the evening.
I am sure the Ottomans had help from within. Today's Fifth Column is called the European Union. Liberals think they have allies in Islamic immigrants, except they are not. Today's feminists will be wearing the burkas tomorrow, and if you are a gay male, you might not want to advertise it.

Westerners eschew nationalism because of the horrors of the Nazis. The lack of defending one's nation may bring horrors worse than Hitler.


  1. This is not going to end well. There will be push/punch back. The "authorities" will not well. But remember that the people that are fed up can still vote, and there will be a major shifting of governments coming very soon. They have the anger just as Americans are getting the anger.

  2. Every intelligent man from Thomas Jefferson through Winston Churchill has seen how vile the Muslim religion is. Why would anyone want to import it, let alone allow it?

    Also, don't forget that the Nazis were National SOCIALISTS.

    - Elric

  3. Multi-culti uber alles, until your own culture is wiped out, or finally fights back (hopefully, then, not wiped out).

  4. We are witnessing cultural suicide and the multiculturists responsible will be some of the first people killed.

    1. They think they are feeding the alligators and will therefore be eaten last.

  5. I was thinking the other day about how much the "Progressive" governments fear a fascist backlash. But Germany survived the Nazis. All their cities were burned to the ground, but the people and culture survived. That won't be true after muslim colonization. Funny. What do they really fear?

  6. In considering Sobieski one should think about the prophecy of Johann Gottfried Herder.

  7. I am by no means an expert in history, but in bits and pieces gleaned of the years, I have come to the conclusion that the Poles have been just plain ripped off by the historians.

    Some years ago I got interested in Bletchley Park and in the process found out abut what looks to me like a giant head-start in the way WW II turned out before it had really gotten underway.

    And now I see that the world today would be a different place if they had not been active as we see here.