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Monday, February 01, 2016

Hope. Change. Death.

From USA Today:
CHICAGO — The nation's third largest city recorded 51 homicides in January, the highest toll for the month since 2000.
Gang conflicts and retaliatory violence drove the "unacceptable" increase in homicides, the police department said in a statement. But the rise in violence also notably comes as the Chicago Police Department faces increased scrutiny following the court-ordered release of a police video showing a white police officer fatally shooting a black teenager 16 times, and as the department implements changes in how it monitors street stops by officers.
Chicago routinely records more homicides annually than any other American city, but the grim January violence toll marks a shocking spike in violence in a city that recorded 29 murders for the month of January last year and 20 murders for the month in 2014. In addition to the jump in killings, police department said that it recorded 241 shooting incidents for the month, more than double the 119 incidents recorded last January.
The rise in violence comes after the Chicago Police Department reported 468 murders in 2015, a 12.5% increase from the year before. There were also 2,900 shootings, 13% more than the year prior, according to police department records.
The election of Community Organizer Barack Obama is now a death knell for young black men in his home town of Chicago.

He used them.

They are dying because of him.

His Department of Justice has demonized all police officer and encouraged gangs to mercilessly turn black neighborhoods into hellholes.

The message of Ferguson was twofold. It signaled to cops not to risk their careers saving black lives by going after thugs.

The state-sanctioned riots -- the Democratic governor took over the town to protect rioters from the police -- sent a message to black people: You cannot escape to the safe white suburbs run by Republicans.

Democrats repeated this in Baltimore.

The first black president's biggest victims were black people.


  1. And it is coming to the Charleston - Huntington area. - Elric

  2. Not to worry, Trump is building a wall along the Mexico border and will ban Muslims from entering this country. That will take care of all these attacks on Americans, especially in the inner cities.

  3. Aborting black babies, now that's perfectly OK!

    1. Now if I were a true-blue liberal supporter of PP, I'd say that's a GOOD thing, because think of all the additional gun homicides there would have been had those black babies been born to mothers without husbands and families without fathers. It all depends on from which end of the muzzle of the gun you're looking.

  4. Black lives matter - except in Chicago.

  5. "The message of Ferguson was twofold. It signaled to cops not to risk their careers saving black lives by going after thugs."

    It's more than that. The police know that their lives are in danger whenever they go out on calls to those neighborhoods, so why bother risking their LIVES for people who don't give a damn and will blame the police for whatever reason they can fabricate? The THREAT of police force has no meaning any more; it no longer intimidates. The police are left only with ACTUAL force, which leaves them open to second-guessing from officials, from activists, from the Federal DoJ, from social media, you name it. Who needs that aggravation? If policing is such an easy job, let Rahm Emanuel put HIS life and HIS future on the front line.

  6. Never thought I would see out-of-state thugs show off their nonexistent marksmanship talent up here in my K.C. neighborhood.