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Friday, February 12, 2016

Hillary's How Now Chairwoman Mao moment backfired

Despite the fact that at times she looks like a chipmunk who munched too many chips, Missus Clinton understands the importance of appearance. In her PBS debate with Bernie Sanders last night she wanted to show she was to Bernie's left without giving Republicans a sound bite for November, because she is always thinking about November -- just as she did in 2008. She's a very slow learner. So she dressed like Chairman Mao to signal to Bernie's base (anyone who is not retired) where her heart is.

Chairman who?

I say this because despite his dominance of the largest nation in the world throughout almost half the 20th century, no one under 40 knows who he is. They do not teach Mao in America for the same reason they do not teach Mao in China: He makes communism look bad. Mao was a coldblooded mass murderer who slaughtered about 100,000,000 Chinese -- roughly the entire populations of England and France.

So this went over the heads of Bernie's supporters and not into their subconscious. A dud. They did not hear the unspoken Mao. Instead they heard grandma is a Star Trek fan.

Meanwhile, Bernie rattled on and on about Henry Kissinger, much to the amusement of all those sharp conservative commentators. You know, the ones who have been saying Trump doesn't know what he is doing. Ho, ho, ho, that dumb old man. No one know who Henry Kissinger is.


But unlike Hillary and Mao, Bernie actually said Kissinger's name, over and over again. His message was clear: Look him up. And his audience -- people under 65 -- did.
And when they did, they discovered everything everything Sanders said was "true" because the academics got to the Internet first and smeared Kissinger's good name. Bernie knows exactly what he is doing. He is the second-most underrated politician in America, after Donald Trump. Socialists don't get elected in America. Sanders did. None of the experts think that is important. I do.

Our political experts are the dumbest bunnies on the farm. They never learn.

And just to prove my point, Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican National Committee, mocked Sanders for honeymooning in the Soviet Union. No one under 40 knows what the Soviet Union is. It ended 24 years ago. Who is the dumbest in the land is a race between the Clintons and the Republican Establishment. I do not see either one making it past the primaries.


  1. I think someone needs to run ads showing Dr. Zhivago and his family arriving back at the home in Moscow to find it full of communists and over dub it with references to Sanders.


  3. I was thinking Devo.

    - Mikey NTH

  4. Bernie confuses me. He claims to be a Socialist, but his views on economics appear to me to be much closer to Fascism than Socialism. I guess Fascism is a dirty word in America, people mistakenly considering it a right-wing movement, so he chooses to label himself something he is not. But Socialism should also be a dirty word in American politics since it and Fascism are born of the same ideological mother.