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Monday, February 08, 2016

Gun seller may face federal investigation for criticizing Obama

Detroit, New Orleans and Newark top the list of the 10 cities with the highest murder rates in America. They share in common that they are run by Democrats and are overwhelming poor and black. No. 7 on the list surprised me. It is Jackson, Mississippi:
As you may know from geography class, Jackson is the capital of Mississippi. What you probably didn't learn is that it's the murder capital of the state. The city is named after the nation's seventh president Andrew Jackson, who is turning over in his grave right now. Here are a few things that would have really bugged Old Hickory. The rate of violent crime in his eponymous city is 237 percent higher than the rest of the state. This includes 50 murders and thousands of violent crimes each year. Maybe Jackson, TN, would have been a better pick for him.
But a look at who runs the city shows why murder a town of 171,155 people (80 percent black) suffers 50 murders a year. It elects Black Lives Matter politicians, who hate the police, particularly Councilman Kenneth Stokes:
“These are just thugs with guns and badge. What do I think should be done? Bricks, rocks and bottles would stop this nonsense.”
Tim Wolverton put up a sign at his booth at the Jackson Gun Show, which read, “It’s hard to tell the difference between Democrats and terrorists and if you support Kenneth Stokes or the president, you’re too stupid to own a gun.”

Kenneth Stokes has demanded a federal investigation:
“If this gun dealer feels that it’s legal for him to display negative images of the president of the United States, keep in mind that he must have some kind of license. We’re asking the attorney general of the United States to do an investigation and let’s see whether the rules and regulations have been violated.”
Given that high-crime areas are so much more loyal to the Democratic Party than safe areas, Wolverton should expect a visit from the government.


  1. When my parents lived in Mississippi in the 1980's many cities had big majority black populations. A lot of them came from northern cities in the recent past running from law.

  2. So you can't have an FFL and the First Amendment at the same time??

  3. Chris Christie for President

  4. Dems hated and criticized BUSH!!!!!1111!!, so turn about is fair play.

    I trust he puts up steel plates over his windows at closing time.

  5. Nice little business you've got there Mr. Wolverton. Be a shame if anything happened to it.