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Monday, February 08, 2016

Get Off My Lawn feminists for Hillary

There are times when Huffington Post reads like the parody site The Onion

Feminist author Susan Bordo, 69, gave us such a time in her piece: "History Lesson For a Young Sanders Supporter":
I am one of those "over 65" women who belong to the faceless, aging "demographic" with a Hillary sign on my front lawn. For weeks I've listened, fists clenched, while 19-year-olds and media pundits alike lavish praise on Bernie Sanders for his bold, revolutionary message and scorn Hillary for being "establishment."
Grandma says Get Off My Lawn, you stinking Sanders hippies.

Her anger toward women 65 and under follows Gloria Steinem's complaint that young women supporting Bernie Sanders are boy crazy, telling Bill Maher on his TV show: “When you’re young, you’re thinking, 'Where are the boys?' The boys are with Bernie.”

Well, when you are 81 like Steinem, a 73-year-old man like Sanders is a boy.

But at least Steinem's remark had a touch of humor. And "Where The Boys Are" was a popular movie when Steinem was still in her 20s.

Bordo was pure venom in her anger that her candidate is losing:
As I witness Sanders become the gatekeeper of progressivism, while in the interests of his own campaign allowing a generation of twitter-educated kids to swallow a sound-bite generated portrait of Hillary, I am amazed at all that has gotten eclipsed by the terms of the current debate. The continuing virulence of racism in all its forms. The assault on reproductive rights. And, oh yes, that still inflammatory little "ism," Sexism. Bring it up nowadays and you will get accused of "playing the woman card." On the other hand, if you suggest that the election of Hillary to the Presidency would be a strike against business-as-usual, you will be reminded that she is not really a woman but one-half of that mythical unity, "The Clintons." She even gets blamed for Bill's infidelity--a tactic cooked up by Trump but taken seriously throughout the media, as pundits actually debated whether she should be held accountable for being "an enabler."
She is correct. Hillary was not an enabler, but an accomplice, hellbent on silencing any of Bill's victims, even to the point -- according to Kathleen Willey -- of threatening their toddlers.

Women are the equal of men when it comes to loathsome treachery and deceit, as Hillary and Lady Macbeth proved.

Meanwhile, Bill demands a safe space for his wife.

I suggest the Alderson Federal Prison Camp for Women in Alderson, West Virginia.


  1. No Camp for Hillary. Leavenworth is much better place.

    1. Better idea: Southern Baptist Church camp for life. No chance of parole.

  2. My suggestion for Hillary's permanent residence: Guantanamo Bay. - Elric

  3. Judging by the comments to that article, a fair number of them from women, I'd say Bernie is holding a straight flush, Hillary just a pair of deuces. It's time for the Clintons to fold and leave the table while Bernie rakes in the pot.

  4. Look at Bordo here:

    what is that on her face?

  5. Translation:
    "You imbeciles! That stuff about wanting equality was just bunk! We want to rule, rule, rule over men so get back in line!"

    - Mikey NTH

    PS - Hillary for President...of Little America.

  6. So, Don, you want to keep your friends close, and one of your enemies (and mine, too) closer.