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Saturday, February 20, 2016

End of EU begins June 23. GOOD

British Prime Minister David Cameron -- battered by the reality that open borders invite child rapists, welfare cheats and terrorists -- scheduled an election on June 23 to decide whether the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. Should have scheduled it for June 6.

A story in the Daily Mail next to the announcement showed why Britain should exit stage right.

First the main story from the Daily Mail:
We're out! SIX ministers head straight for the Brexit as Cameron announces EU referendum for June 23rd after late-night 'deal' in Brussels.
David Cameron today confirmed the EU referendum that will determine the future of Britain and define his career will take place on June 23.
Following a landmark Cabinet meeting that lasted more than two hours, the Prime Minister addressed the nation in Downing Street.
But within minutes of the speech, six of Mr Cameron's Cabinet ministers appeared at a Vote Leave rally to sign on to the campaign against the Prime Minister.
Commons leader Chris Grayling said Mr Cameron's deal had failed to secure power over Britain's borders or allow the Government to strike trade deals around the world - insisting a 'sovereign country should be able to do that'.
And Justice Secretary Michael Gove said he had wrestled with his conscience but had to back Brexit despite the Prime Minister's view.
Mr Cameron told Britain today: 'You will decide and whatever your decision I will do my best to deliver it.
'The choice is in your hands but my recommendation is clear: I believe that Britain will be safer, stronger and better off in a reformed European Union.'
Britons should prepare to be told by their moral and intellectual superiors that hair will grow on the palms of their hand should they put their interests ahead of Third World invaders who want to turn Britain into an Islamic Zimbabwe. Be brave. Be strong. Be British again.

The accompanying story, though, told readers exactly what Brussels thinks of them:
Shocked diplomats caught a pair of European officials having sex in a toilet at the crucial summit where David Cameron was battling for a renegotiation of Britain's membership in the EU. 
It is claimed the couple were found locked in a cubicle at the Lex Building in Brussels while continental leaders were thrashing out the UK's future in the organization.
The elicit encounter apparently took place on Thursday night with rumors circulating around the Belgian capital yesterday that those involved were from Germany.
Exit Britain, while you still can. You are getting screwed by Brussels, and the EU does not care if hordes of Muslim imports rape your daughters on New Year's Eve.


  1. Holding the election on the anniversary of D-Day would be very symbolic.

  2. The EU will never reform. Get while the getting's good.

  3. UK will not leave the EU. Vote will be close, but no cigar.

    1. Their polls are not any more reliable than our polls. The median observations from 16 public polls taken over the last six weeks or so have it that 42% wish to stay, 40% wish to exit, and the remainder are undecided.

  4. In his statement Cameron said he will do his best to deliver on the voters' decision - that's not a guarantee that he actually will. A news item discussed the negotiations that would be required for Blighty to actually exit the EU, which could take years. Welcome to Hotel EU - you can check out but you can never leave.

    1. Switzerland and Norway do quite well for themselves as members of the European Free Trade Assn. rather than the EU and Britain has refused to adopt the Euro. Leaving the EU won't have the kind of transitional costs which re-introducing a national currency will entail. It can be done.

  5. Let's hope that Microsoft is not counting the votes like they did in Iowa.

  6. Let's hope it isn't already too late. - Elric