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Friday, February 19, 2016

Dumped Cruz ad actress explains why Hillary is in trouble

Amy Lindsay appeared unclothed in quite a few soft-porn films in the 1990s and 2000s, but it has been six years since her last appearance in one of those movies they show at 1 a.m. on Showtime. She landed a gig in a Ted Cruz ad, only to be dumped when his campaign learned of her previous work. Bad call on his part.

Trying to squeeze another news cycle out of thee story, the Daily Caller ran a story, "Cruz’s Softcore Actress: I’d Co-Star With Trump In An Adult Film."

But this passage devastated Hillary Clinton's campaign:
Lindsay is no fan of Hillary Clinton: “I’ll just say it. I do not like Hillary Clinton, I have never been a Clinton fan at all, really either one of them.”
She also went after former President Bill Clinton for his sexual history. “Bill Clinton had real sex with real people, it destroyed real lives,” she said, noting that her own sex career only involved simulated acts on-screen. 
Her animosity toward Hillary stems in part from Clinton defense of an accused child rapist in 1975 and her role in destroying the accuser’s reputation. Clinton “started calling women liars when she was 27 years old that have been raped,” Lindsay claimed.
“All of her stuff that women has been involved in to me is just disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful and you know, in light of all of this, the emails and our national security and all of this other stuff, the fact that she’s running for president blows my mind,” Lindsay said.
Super Duper Delegates are unlikely to rescue Clinton. Her time was 2004. But she played it safe, and now two presidents after Clinton's presidency, in the sunlight of the 21st century, her husband looks like the lecher he always was.


  1. "Cruz’s Softcore Actress: I’d Co-Star With Trump In An Adult Film."

    Even though no film like this exists I have the sudden urge to bleach my eyeballs...

    1. Donald Trump is not Bill Clinton. Look at the beautiful women Trump has married. Does anyone really think he needs or wants the excess baggage of a girlfriend? Now consider the Clintons. Picture Hillary. After all the public knows about her, never mind what goes on behind the scenes, is it an open question why Bill would have strayed? That's a self-answering question.

    2. The image of The Donald starring in a stag film - no! No! NOOOOOOOO! MAKE IT STOP!! AAAAAAGH!!!

  2. I hope Amy makes a fortune from the publicity. She earned it, if Ted thinks real Christians would have condemned her for her role years ago, he is wrong. Dropping her ad was silly and frivolous.