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Friday, February 24, 2017

Dear Liberal, Here is why we can't talk

I posted this a year ago today, and nothing has changed. I repost it -- adding only the book plug at the end.

Dear Liberal,

Can we talk?

Of course not. Why bother?

When I question the claim that mankind is solely responsible for runaway global warming, you call me a denialist.

When I question the president's actions, you call me a racist.

When I question granting amnesty to illegal aliens, again you call me racist.

When I question why we do not shut down hate mosques, you call me Islamophobic.

When I question why a baker should be forced to make a bake a cake for a lesbian marriage that she does not believe in, you call me homophobic.

When I question why we should not follow Trump and Make America Great Again, you call me fascist.

And after all that name-calling, you then dare say I am judgmental.

Your arguments are never reasoned, and your facts are usually questionable quantifications. I mean how do you measure the rise in the oceans? At high tide? Low? With the moon in what phase? Pseudo-statistics are all liberals have.

You are unwilling to listen, unwilling to compromise, and you have no tolerance for new ideas. What you call a college education, I call indoctrination. You are so narrow-minded, you must be claustrophobic.

Go ahead and call me Archie Bunker. Why not? He was a good man. He worked hard and took care of his family. Meathead only took care of himself. While Archie at times worked two jobs, Meathead never did. He went to college for like 10 years (I exaggerate). While Archie changed his views as new facts came in, Meathead never did. Even when he was passed over for a professorship to a less qualified man because of his race, Meathead defended affirmative action.

Archie came home tired and sat in his chair, which was old, worn and not very comfortable. Yet guests occasionally would rudely take his seat. In fact, a typical episode had some liberal neighbor come into his house, argue with him, and otherwise act like a jerk -- just like his ingrate son-in-law who sponged off him. Oh yes, the storyline later had Meathead magically pay him back all the expense of taking care of him. I hardly believe it, but hey, it was a TV show. Norman Lear was surprised that people identified with Archie Bunker. It was not that they were ignorant or racist; it was because so many people worked and provided for their families and put up with intolerant liberals.

The kicker? Years later they did a spinoff series based on Gloria raising their kids alone after Meathead abandoned his family. The hard-hearted conservative took care of his own. The liberal thought only of himself.

In the years since "All In The Family" ended, we have seen school spending accelerate 10 fold, with no change in the results. We have seen trillions poured into the ghettos only to have young black men kill young black men. The liberal answer is to take guns from the people who do not live in ghettos. two-thirds of federal spending is welfare and Social Security. The liberal answer is to pour more money on the bonfire.

My answer is to try something new.

But you don't want to hear it, and frankly I have heard your noise for most of my 62 years. You have been wrong about so many things. The things you got right -- civil rights -- you disown. Martin Luther King's call to judge people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin flies in the face of race-baiting politics.

Life is too short to talk to liberals.

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  1. I am floored by how simple and yet eloquent this is. If you were a rock star, this is the point at which you drop the mike and walk off stage.

    A few weeks ago I met with a freelancer I'd sent work to, who informed me at a business lunch why she can't understand conservatives. The reason, apparently, is that 'they do everything out of hate'.

    Sigh. As you put it, life is Too Short.

  2. I stopped talking to liberals years ago. Since then I've simply laughed maniacally in their faces. - Elric

  3. I've had the "John Derbyshire Conversation" with myself: when I am walking down a dark street at night and I see two Liberals coming towards me, I cross over to the other side for my protection. There's no sense getting mugged by Liberals. Call me a Liberalphobe if you wish, but that's life.

  4. I join the chorus. Simple, eloquent... nothing more need be said.

  5. I echo the above comments. Nailed it completely. I try my best to ignore Liberals, but at times I just have to say something, knowing that it will just bounce off. That's why I wear my Tea Party hat and shirt. In their face and don't back off.

  6. In my world (also 62 yrs) I find most people are liberal or "Progressive" because they think that's what they are supposed to be. recently on FB a friend commented "I don't like to judge... etc" and I asked her why not? Why wouldn't you judge? you make judgements every day. Are you going to get in that car with whoever? Do I trust this person/institution with my money? etc. Be proud of making judgements and live with and learn from the consequences. Point being once they understand how they have been indoctrinated with political correctness facilitating their opinions and start to think for themselves again now we can have a conversation. Socialist policy states:

    Everyone should have somewhere to lay their head at night.
    Nobody should be hungry
    Everyone should have healthcare.
    Everybody is entitled to an education.
    Everybody should have transportation.

    When I start asking do you believe that and how much of YOUR money are you prepared to give to accomplish it, inevitably reality raises its ugly head and human nature is revealed. And human nature is why all the socialism/communism on earth will never work.

    1. May I?
      "Everyone should have somewhere to lay their head at night."
      A park bench, a rock, a stump. If you want better, earn it.
      "Nobody should be hungry"
      Nobody is responsible for feeding you but YOU.
      Everyone should have healthcare.
      Take two aspirin and mail in the five dollars.
      Everybody is entitled to an education.
      School of hard knocks....
      "Everybody should have transportation."
      Everybody was born with two feet. All they need to do is get them out of their mouth, then get off their ass.
      In other words, you and Don are spot on.

  7. "Meathead only took care of himself."

    Not even. Like 20-something spoiled brat SJWs in colleges today, all Meathead could do is bitch about the guy who was feeding him and clothing him and sheltering him.

  8. You neglected a crucial point: George McGovern is dead and Nat Hentoff is real old. Liberals did not used to make excuses for criminal behavior a la Lois Lerner. That's no longer the case. It means the gloves are off.

    1. Nat Hentoff died last month.

  9. Oh and when I hear tax the the rich, I hear that's a tax you are not willing to pay.

  10. We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

  11. Wish I had written this.

  12. The LibDem comment reply playbook: 1) Name calling, 2) Change the subject, 3) Attack the commenter. They don't have facts or logic and they have not been taught how to think or reason through an argument.

  13. Right on. We should be uniting to DEFEAT LIBERAL DEMS. Nothing they have to say or do can be agreed upon if one is a Const., liberty loving capitalist, Christian believer in our heritage, history and values.

  14. Read about Mirabeau during the French revolution. Every liberal since then is a clone of him.

  15. Outstanding.

    I miss Archie and Edith.

  16. The left don't want to talk about the fact that Meathead was supposed to be the hero, and Archie the butt of all the jokes. It didn't take long for the roles to be reversed. Amazingly, (or not) still doesn't get it.

    1. oops, i left out Rob Reiner. Rob Reiner still doesn't get it.

  17. Thank you so much for posting this!
    Spot on perfect!!

  18. Not all liberals are like this. You are stereotyping the liberals in the same way you complain that they stereotype you.

    The problem is that both sides see the other side through the filter of their own favorite fake media outlet from which they only see the extremists on the other side. So each side becomes hardened in their views. It is a self-fulfilling cycle.

    1. That's easy to say but I suggest it's not so. Tell me which outlet is a conservative fake media outlet. How many conservatives rioted and destroyed property and continually badmouthed Obama? If you are not a progressive, and you are a classical liberal, then you're not the ones we are talking about here. Thanks anyway for trying to say both sides are the same. They are not. They don't even believe in the same things. And, perhaps a little off-topic, since when did the first amendment grant the media a license to automatically be present in every media meeting held by any president or member of the president's staff? That's the difference between a progressive and a conservative in America. The conservative believes that we have the best and most successful country in the world, while the progressives think we are useless, immoral, and stupid. -- BJ54

    2. Yes, all those liberals at colleges and universities really want to hear what conservatives have to say, we've noticed.