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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Conservative Commentariat had a bad night

The CBS debate on Saturday night unnerved two of Trump's meanest opponents, Charles Krauthammer and John Podhoretz. They are both bigwigs Conservative Commentariat. Krauthammer reigns over the nightly panel on Fox News, and Podhoretz is editor of Commentary. They have been wrong at every turn, and yet they keep doubling down. They made the mistake of becoming personally invested in stopping Trump. Pundits should now they analyze events but cannot dictate them.

Now they seem resigned to being wrong. They finally figured out he is more than a reality TV show host.


Last night, Krauthammer and Podhoretz had a bad night, and they know there are not many nights left.. The Republican Establishment threw the kitchen sink at Trump (Jeb, a hostile studio audience) and still Trump prevailed.

From Krauthammer:
If the previous Republican debates have been World War I or II this is is thermonuclear. I have is not seen as many personal attacks or high temperature attacks as we saw in this debate. I am not sure that you can judge the debate on who won or lost on the actual sound bites of who won this exchange or, that that, it was the tone. I think that if you counted up the number of times that the word 'lie' and 'liar' was employed, it would exceed the number of times it has been used in all previous debates.
In the end, I thought that Trump was a man who was not sitting on the lead, that's for sure. He was engaged personally with everybody at a very bitter level... with Bush, he was throwing around insults, including the family, and getting incoming as well from all sides. So he didn't sit on the lead. I think he took a risk in being as open and often contemptuous as he was, but I don't think it's going to shake his support. The question is, will it limit his support?
Bush was extremely feisty. I think that he thinks his only hope is to go after Trump hard and he did with some success. Rubio and Cruz had their usual exchanges on immigration. Which I thought was a draw. But Rubio's job was to make people forget the mistake he made in the last debate, that gaffe, and I think that he did that. I think that he carried it off in the sense that people will be talking about this debate and the one in which he stumbled which is doing to be fading into insignificance. We went here from WWE to the UFC. This was a cage fight of the sort that I don't think we have seen at the presidential level before.
From Podhoretz:
Donald Trump was so awful, so horrible, so disgusting in the latest Republican debate — his lies, his distortions, his deceits, and his libels thicker and fouler than they’ve yet been — that he’s done us all a favor. If he wins easily in South Carolina after his monstrous turn, he’ll be going straight to the Republican nomination.
Such a victory in a classically conservative state like South Carolina after his romp in idiosyncratic New Hampshire will prove Trump’s repellent personality is the real key to his success. You want me to delineate his dishonesties? That would be like asking me to count how many breaths he took.
And he ended his column:
Alas, just as you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, you can’t bring disapprobation to a showdown with Hannibal Lecter and hope to survive. You have to eat his liver with fava beans and a good chianti before he eats yours. How? How the hell do I know? But I’m not running for president. They are.
And the thing is, he might have eaten all their livers already.
Hannibal Lecter.

Yes, tell me how Trump is the vulgar one again.


  1. The fate of Prometheus would be too good for the Republican Establishment. Prometheus gave us fire. The Republican Establishment gave us the Bushes, McCain, Dole, and Romney. I can think of much better pieces of their anatomy for vultures to eat. But being a good Christian, I can't bring myself to say that.

  2. So - Mr. Don Surber, oh gifted wordsmith, will you tell us how a maniacal narcissist like failed businessman Donald Trump will accomplish the reinvention of our too-big government while at the same time acquire untold riches from crony capitalists.

    1. I don't think "failed businessmen" get to fly on their own 757.

    2. I don't think "failed businessmen" get to fly on their own 757.

    3. gadfly - please justify "failed businessman".

  3. I must have seen a different debate, Don. I thought Trump showed his ass like a baboon. His horse manure attack on GWB was really the worst.

    1. I voted for GWB twice. But I have to admit that if he was all that great of a president, how come we got swamped by the Dems right after he left office? You can only blame so much on events and the media.Sure, he has character. Great individual. Not so great a president.

    2. Don't forget how close the 2000 election was. Except for a few hundred votes in Florida AlGore would have been the President. GWB was in the mold of other RINO's; it was just events that brought out his best.

  4. bloggerusa1@gmail.comFebruary 15, 2016 at 4:40 AM

    The Republican establishment and so-called conservative pundits gave us Mitt 'Romneycare' Romney and Paul 'Open Borders' Ryan. We lost. In 2008, they gave us John 'RINO' McCain. We lost.

    I'm willing to go with Trump because he fights.

    1. But ... but ... Trump's not a "true Conservative" - like McRino and Mittens and JEB!