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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Canada: Health care to die for. Literally

For the last 50 years, Americans have been hearing about how wonderful health care is in Canada. It's free. It's cheaper. It's to die for.

From the Daily Mail:
Friends of girl, 18, with leukemia sign her casket with loving messages in a final goodbye after she died waiting for a hospital bed during a shortage in Canada.
What the heck?

From the story:
A girl who died of leukemia was given a final send off after her friends signed her casket with loving messages on January 30.
Laura Hillier got to experience a few normal childhood milestones like graduating high school and getting her senior year book signed before she died on January 20.
Laura might have experienced a few more milestones if a Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, hospital had been able to accommodate a bone marrow transplant for the young woman.
Numerous donors were a match with Laura and ready to donate, but Hamilton's Juravinski Hospital didn't have enough beds in high-air-pressure rooms for the procedure.
Hospital staff told her they had about 30 patients with potential donors, but the means to only do about five transplants a month.
The New York Daily News also reported on the story -- but only about the signing of the casket.

Not about how Canada's health care system got her there.


  1. Sad. She apparently couldn't afford to head to the US for treatment like so many other Canadians. - Elric

    1. The irony is that if she had crossed our Southern border and claimed she was from, let's say, Belize, she would have been able to get free health care in the US as an "undocumented refugee."

  2. We also hear from the LibDems how wonderful Cuba's healthcare system is. Ever notice, however, that when the Castro brothers need care they go to Europe to a private clinic?

  3. Socialism demands medically preventable death for your country so it can spend the money it would have wasted on you for the greater good, like preventing global warming or subsidizing the shiftless. It is the only patriotic thing it does demand from its citizens. How can they refuse?

  4. Abolish medical licensing.

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