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Monday, February 01, 2016

Bill Clinton: I "left it all on the floor" in Iowa

I have no idea what he meant by this, and I doubt he does either, but Bill Clinton told ABC News of Iowa: "You just want to know you left it all on the floor, and I think we did,"

The Clintons have not aged very well. I know he is still recovering, more than a decade after his heart attack. I do not wish to make light of the infirmities of age. But I read the ABC News story and thought, what the hell?
"You just want to know you left it all on the floor, and I think we did," the former president told ABC News.
"We've had a chance to get her message out. I feel good about it but you don't know what's going to happen," Bill Clinton said, noting Iowa's history of unpredictability when it comes to choosing who wins the state's caucuses.
Following a campaign event at a college in Grinnell, Iowa, today, the former president greeted supporters mentioning his fond memories in Iowa both while he was campaigning for his own presidential bid and also for his wife's eight years ago. ABC News caught up with the president immediately following his speech asking him if Iowa feels any different than it did eight years ago when Hillary Clinton first ran.
"It feels good, I mean you never know what's going to happen here, but it feels good," the former president said. "First of all she's got so many wonderful young people working for her in all these communities. And I think she's done a really good job. She's made a serious commitment to Iowa."
Why are they running? They represent the past -- so much so that a 73-year-old communist seems fresher.

Meanwhile, let us hope they clean up the floor quickly, and throw away whatever he left on the flor.


  1. Clean that floor, STAT! Remove all evidence!

  2. And don't use the Blue Dress to clean up the mess.

  3. It's a basketball saying, isn't it? It means you played your hardest and did your best to win.

    1. It may be (I have no knowledge of it). but it certainly is not as funny that way.

  4. PS: Bill has lost the spark. It's a case of Been There, Done That. The first time, when HE was running for office, it was probably exciting for him, like going in to a final exam in college after pulling an all-nighter without having cracked a book the whole semester (something Bill was apparently known for). But now Hillary is the candidate and Bill probably figures being in the Washington power game gives him little to look forward to that he hasn't seen or done before. Added to that, the huge mess Obama is leaving behind for the next president offers nothing but aggravation and fuss, which comes at a point in his life when he'd rather be pleasantly enjoying the final years of his life without all the political strife. Hillary may hunger for the top job, but Bill has clearly lost his appetite. What it comes down to is that Bill is now a political Vegan.

  5. Left what? Another blue dress?

  6. Best to leave it on the floor. That way, only a mop is needed. A dress has to be sent out for dry cleaning.