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Friday, January 15, 2016

You got a problem with West Virginia Values, bub?

Ted Cruz, who has lived and worked in Washington for 15 of the last 20 years, knocked Donald Trump for having New York Values.

Hiss attack was like the fellows sitting around the campfire in the Pace Picante Sauce commercial who look at the jar of a competitor, which shows the competitor was made in New York City.

New York City?

Donald Trump's rebuttal was, well, William F. Buckley was born there and we saw New York Values on 9/11.

Cruz supporters and Trump's detractors say Cruz didn't mean 9/11. He meant the New York has a commie mayor and a crooked Democratic governor. For the record, Trump made his statement in 1999, when New York had a Republican mayor and a Republican governor.

But I believe we have to be careful here. I mean if we go by which party runs a state, then you are knocking West Virginia Values, because for 82 long years, Democrats controlled the legislature. Republicans barely gained control last year, after a state senator flipped parties.

I do believe different parts of the country do have different attitudes and values based on geography, history and demography. Frankly, if Donald Trump did not have New York Values, I would be a little disturbed.


  1. Well if Trump had really been on his toes, he would have said vs your "Canadian" values.
    Missed opportunity by Trump.
    You're right about Cruz attacking regional values, not a good idea.

  2. How are things there in Byrd Land anyway? Heard that voting your Democrat Party values for all those years have ended up destroying local industries and economies. That and the loss of earmarks.

  3. That NYC elected a Red Sox fan is bad enough, but what I really have a problem with is the emphasis on Red.

    And it ain't Tim Russert red.

  4. West Virginia values: I prefer West Virginia Wieners to New York Weiners.

  5. West Virginia values: I prefer West Virginia Wieners to New York Weiners.

  6. Just in case anyone never heard the line that was dropped from the original version of the commercial:

    Get a Rope! (on YouTube)

    1. But none of the fellas in that YT video clip has a "Texas accent." Why, they could all be actors from New York!

  7. That's a beautiful photo that accompanies this post...think I'm going to steal it to use as a desktop picture.

  8. Wow, Surber's become a fan of NYC? What next, rooting for the NY Yankees?

    BTW, anyone care to announce the date Cruz was naturalized?