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Monday, January 04, 2016

World's largest McDonald's responds to minimum wage hike

The owners of the world's largest McDonald's closed shop and will open an even larger McDonald's next door next month. It is located in Orlando, Florida, and like everything else in that town is a tourist trap.

When the new one reopens in February, it will have a feature reflecting Florida's decision to raise minimum wage to $8.22 an hour from $8.05 last year..

"The old restaurant was famously shaped like a box of french fries and didn’t just have a PlayPlace but also featured an arcade, animatronic robots, bowling and more. McDonald’s hasn’t given word yet on what attractions the new location will offer, but there will be self-serve kiosks, allowing customers to order their own food," Time magazine reported.

Self-serve kiosks are exempt from minimum wage laws.


  1. Self serve McD's are all over Europe. So I guess we are becoming more like Europe.

    1. Think about why? Obozo is following the socialism model of europe where earners of minimum wage think they should be able to live on it. As those outrageous fees kick in, MW employees get fired and self service kicks in.

  2. I have fond childhood memories of the automats. I was fascinated by them. They were vending machines on steroids. I'm happy to see them come back. It's data vu (all over again).

  3. Really big companies can use automation to get around minimum wage laws. What most folks miss is that minimum wage laws are all about eliminating small business.