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Friday, January 08, 2016

Trump mocks the press by admonishing an audience member

I try not to write about Donald Trump -- really, I do. But he is like political pistachios. I mean, there he is. Let me have just one more...

The best part about Trump is that the press keeps trying to bring him down, only to set him up for another victory. Remember how the press puffed up a nontroversy when an audience member called the president a Muslim, and Trump didn't say anything? Yes, the press in Washington actually believed that audience members are paid robots; perhaps, they have covered too many Hillary Clinton townhall meetings where plants toss softball questions, as if they were CNN reporters.

On Tuesday, Trump drew a capacity crowd of 1,000 people at Stevens High School in Claremont, New Hampshire, and this came up again. He railed against the Iran nuclear deal, saying Democrats were either dumb, incompetent, “or they have some other agenda that we don’t even know about.”

“They’re Muslims!” shouted a man in the crowd.

“I didn’t say it,” Trump responded. “Oh, I’m supposed to reprimand the man. Who is the man that said that? I have to reprimand him. How dare you?”

The audience roared.

At another point, Trump criticized Missus Clinton, saying, “She goes to an event and then you don’t see her for another week.”

"She's in the bathroom," someone shouted. Trump responded with a joke: “That’s terrible, terrible. You should never say that. You’re admonished. We should throw him the hell out here. Get out of here.”

Republicans love this. Forget everything else -- policies, number of wives, who he is in pictures with -- and look at what is happening. The press is playing its usual petty stuff against a Republican, and for once a Republican is standing up for himself. These incompetent hacks -- social justice warriors in reporter clothing -- keep trying to bring him down with little things. All that does is waste ammo, and immunize Trump from criticism when Team Clinton releases the hounds.

Matthew Dickinson, a professor of political science at Middlebury College in New Hampshire, predicted Trump carries New Hampshire next month.

"I think this is part of his appeal, is he doesn't say things. He doesn't shy away from saying things that people might think but most politicians aren't comfortable saying,” Dickinson told WMUR. "The question, I guess, for most New Hampshire voters -- if not Trump, who? Doesn't seem like there's a lot of support for any particular establishment Republican.”

We shall see.

But right now, he is showing something Obama, Speaker Ryan, and every other presidential candidate are not showing --- leadership.

Either lead, follow, or get out of the way.


  1. "Trump is showing leadership" Really? By mocking everyone who dare challenge his absurd statements. I swear Trump is Jimmy Swaggart in disguise.
    Is this how Reagan was a leader? JFK? Churchill?
    Strange definition of leadership you got there Surber. Thanks for ending the week with another hilarious post.
    "Yes, the press in Washington actually believed that audience members are paid robots; perhaps, they have covered too many Hillary Clinton townhall meetings where plants toss softball questions, as if they were CNN reporters." Does this include the heckler who asked Hillary about Bill Clinton's seedy past?

    1. Yes, Trump is a follower. That's how he made all his billions. NO, it wasn't daddy's money. he didn't get that until he was well along. by then what he inherited was chump change. Or Trump change.

  2. Anonymous, for one thing he doesn't hide like a little girl with Anonymous as a cover. He is saying what millions of Americans want said, that alone makes him a Leader, whether you agree with him or not. Unlike JFK,Churchill, and RR. He has also proven his Leadership and Management skills in the private sector in good and bad times.

    1. I think you meant "Like JFK,Churchill, and RR." Not "unlike".

  3. Dear "anonymous":
    Have you ever watched the Prime Minister's questions in Parliament? Churchill had to be better than Trump at what Trump is doing, as was Thatcher. The underside of your rock is calling out to you.

  4. Hey McRINO and Mittens - If you would have done some of this stuff you would have won the election. Finally a Republican candidate who fights. You don't take the high road and win elections against Dimocrats.

    1. There's a bit of truth to that. If Romney had stuck up for himself and not let Candy Crowley violate the rules of the second presidential debate in 2012 to browbeat him in defense of a faltering Obama, he might have won the election and saved us all 4 more years of Obamunism. Romney folded and everyone took notice. No one really likes a beta male.

  5. When Trump first entered the race I was ecstatic. Mot that I was a supporter, but, he was saying things that needed to be said and he was not backing down. Every other republican allows themselves to be bullied by the lsm, but, Trump didn't and still doesn't.

    His admonishments to his audience is playing with the lsm. He's showing he will not be bullied.

    I never expected him to stay in the race this long but, the longer he's in the more I feel he will win the nomination. And, he will win the general election against any democrat, most assuredly against hillary. He will have a Reagan coalition and will carry at least 45 states.
    After what a republican congress just did with the budget I don't trust any of the establishment.

  6. Donald Trump has been marketing one product - himself - for the past 30 to 40 years. There is not one part of Donald Trump that has not been covered in that time. Do you want to vet him? Go and read back issues of People magazine.

    In all of that time is there anyone that has been able to get the better of him when it comes to words? To out media Donald Trump?

    He is the Trumpinator.

    "You can't shame him, you can't humiliate him, you can't quiet him. he will insult, he will deride, he will derogate whatever you send against him and he will crush them. He will never stop until you agree to the best deal that you have ever seen. That is what you are facing."

    - Mikey NTH

  7. Don. You misspelled 'reporter'. It's spelled 'D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T-I-C P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-I-S-T'