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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

They lost their souls supporting abortion

They are soulless wenches, the pro-abortion crowd. In 2008, Sandra Bernhard called for black men to rape Sarah Palin.

In 2009, Whoopi Goldberg said it wasn't "rape rape" when Roman Polanski drugged and sodomized a 13-year-old girl.

This week Joy Behar said, "People have to understand, it’s policy. Teddy Kennedy. Remember Chappaquiddick? Am I the oldest person in the room? Chappaquiddick.  I mean, a girl drowns and he abandons her and she drowned and women still voted for Teddy Kennedy. Why? Because he voted for women’s rights. That’s why. That’s the bottom line of it in my opinion. I mean, I don’t like either one of them, to tell you the truth, Teddy or Bill. They’re both dogs as far as I’m concerned. But I still will vote for Bill Clinton because he votes in my favor."

No, Mary Jo Kopechne was not a girl who drowned, but rather a 28-year-old campaign worker whom Ted Kennedy killed when he drove drunk over the Chappaquiddick Bridge. 

These women have no souls. They are ghouls who celebrate babies dying in the womb. Of course they have no compassion for rape victims. Rape is just another prop in their political theater. They have no compassion for anyone.


  1. Yes, such people have lost their souls. But I put the blame where it truly belongs: the Supreme Court, which invented out of thin air the "privacy right" that ultimately legitimized abortion on demand. Nine unelected black-robed justices created this problem, which has resulted in the deaths of 50 million unborn children in this country. Soon enough, as a nation, we will go down with Communism and Stalin and Mao as the leading mass murderers in history.

  2. They didn't lose them; they GAVE them away.