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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The power of newspaper endorsements

I see where the Boston Globe and the New York Times endorsed John Kasich, and last week the Des Moines Register endorsed Marco Rubio. Newspaper endorsements are very important, according to newspaper publishers and editors. Nate Silver and other observers will weigh in on how these editorials helped boost Kasich and Rubio in the primaries.

We already know how powerful the Des Moines Register is.

On July 21, 2015, the Des Moines Register published an editorial, "Trump should pull the plug on his bloviating side show," which called for Trump to quit the presidential race:
In just five weeks, he has polluted the political waters to such an extent that serious candidates who actually have the credentials to serve as president can't get their message across to voters. In fact, some of them can't even win a spot in one of the upcoming debates, since those slots are reserved for candidates leading in the polls.
Last week, just before he decided to go after McCain, Trump was at the top of at least one national poll. But being electable is not the same as being qualified, and Trump has proven himself not only unfit to hold office, but unfit to stand on the same stage as his Republican opponents.
The best way Donald Trump can serve his country is by apologizing to McCain and terminating this ill-conceived campaign.
At the time, the Real Clear Politics Poll Average had the Iowa race at Walker at 18.8, Bush at 9.0, Paul 8.5, Trump 8.5, Carson 8.3.

Two weeks later, Trump had more than doubled his share of the vote and stood atop the field at 20.3, followed by Walker at 18.7, Bush 9.7, Carson 8.0.

Now should Rubio do well, supporters of the Des Moines Register will boast about how they helped him. And the newspaper will have helped him among the people who like its editorial stances.

But the newspaper did a far greater service to Mister Trump by calling for him to abandon his campaign. The move from 8.5 points to 20.3 in just two weeks was amazing. It reflects a staunch group of people who disagree with their "state newspaper."

If he wins the caucus, Trump should send the newspaper editorial board a bouquet of roses.


  1. Replies
    1. It something only an editor can understand. That's why you should just believe them.

  2. The Glob's (!) endorsement of Kasich for the Republican side is understandable as their choice of a weak, beatable candidate. They likely wanted to pick Paul, but that would have been an obvious tell as to what they were up to. Their endorsement of Hillary over Sanders from neighboring Vermont, despite her serious legal problems that continues to jeopardize her candidacy, just goes to show why no sensible person should ever pay attention to a newspaper editorial.

  3. Speaking of newspapers, here is the stock graph for Lee Enterprises, the parent company of our local, crummy fishwrap:;range=my

    1. Them boys is in a heap o' trouble.

    2. Which crummy, local fishwrap. There are so many.

  4. No, Surber, more like Emanuel with a dead Sturgeon in a copy of the DMR.

  5. Typical Media. Out of touch with the electorate, they all take courses in how to write left wing trash and just plain piss me off. They never tell the whole story, they assume the American people are a bunch of sheep but I think they are going to find out we are actually wolves in sheep clothing.
    Q. How do you tell a broadcaster is lying?
    A. Their lips are moving.
    The hatchet job they did in the last two elections are something (I hope) are turned against them and slammed right in their face.