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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thank you, Cruz, for helping out Flint

Having spent much time in January 2014 trying to score bottled water when the local water system went down, my heart is with those in Flint, Michigan, who are without safe water. Ours was from an industrial alcohol that smelled like licorice and within weeks it disappeared. They have lead in theirs, so the problem is a real nightmare.

Ted Cruz came to the rescue with 600 gallons of water. That does not sound like much, until you consider that is 600 people who got a gallon of water when their water was out.

From WJRT:
Senator Ted Cruz's Michigan office spent the day handing out gallons of water to the Flint community.
We caught up with them as they dropped off gallons of water at Carriage Town Ministries.
They dropped off around 600 gallons and cases of water throughout the area, delivering to expectant mothers at crisis centers.
Volunteers say it's the least they can do to help out residents in need of clean water.
"Senator Cruz has already made a very strong statement on this issue in support of the people of Flint, in acknowledging what's happened with the government failure on basically every level. And we believe it's our civic duty to reach out. We have to be willing to step up. And here we are putting our money and time where our mouth is," said Wendy Day, state director for the Ted Cruz campaign.
Cruz talked about Flint's water emergency on the campaign trail. While in New Hampshire, he said, "What has happened in Flint, Michigan is an absolute travesty. The men and women have been betrayed. Every one of us is entitled to have clean water. And to all the children who have been government officials, by their negligence, their ineptitude, there needs to be accountability as to why dirty water, poisoned water was given to a community that did not deserve this. Need to ensure there is accountability, clean water and clean air. Prayers for people of Flint, Michigan that health affects aren't as long-lasting as many think they will be. Needs to be accountability from the city government all the way up."
The EPA knew about this problem and did nothing.

And Washington pundits wonder why the people are against everything Washington stands for?

By the way, where was Bernie? Hillary? O'Malley? Any of the staffs of the other Republicans?

Hell, where was Barack Obama?


  1. EPA - Environmental Protection Agency, as in, "Nice environment you have there. It's be too bad if something happened to it." - Elric

    1. Perfect. Nice river ya' got there. It would be too bad if the mine tailings were dumped into the Animus river.

  2. If you like your clean water, you can keep your clean water. Period.

  3. The Donald missed a bet, there.

  4. Cruz also laid the fiasco on ALL levels of gov't, not just the Governor as the Dems are doing. The local level is the most culpable.

  5. Depraved indifference; similar to the charge against police officers in Baltimore over the death of Mr. Gray. And everyone is screaming at the governor, a Republican. The mayor and EPA, Democrats.

  6. Someone asked where all these people are? I know, they're trying to find a Republican to lay all these problems on. The first stories I saw on this issue were blaming a Republican governor. Don't expect the front page, huge lettered headlines proclaiming Obama's EPA knew about this.

  7. There are two candidates who could take Cruz' lead in this and raise it to the next level. Will one of them step up to do it? I could see one dipping into his personal wealth to make a significant contribution. The other? Not so much.

  8. Good for Cruz, indeed!

    A minor correction -- "Every one of us is entitled to have clean water". Not quite. There is no Constitutional right to clean water. We have a right to expect clean water because our taxes pay for it.

    And yes, it would be wonderful to see Trump, or Hillary -- or even Michael Moore -- use their own personal funds, the way Cruz has, to provide clean water. Frankly, I'm not holding my breath.

  9. Thanks for sharing, Don...for sure no media outlet will pass along this news.