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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Republicans reward CNN's fairness with bonus debate

CNN will host the February 25 Republican presidential debate in Houston, after the Republican National Committee fired NBC News for open hostility toward the party.

NBC News openly mocked and ridiculed Republicans in its CNBC debate, labeling Donald Trump -- the frontrunner -- a comic book character.

On Sunday night, though, NBC News was reverential toward Democratic candidate in their debate. No questions about Bernie's age, Hillary's FBI probe, or Bill's decades of sexual abuse of dozens (Linda Tripp now says thousands) of women.

The move puts Fox News on notice. In August, Fox celebrity Megyn Kelly refused to ask serious questions about policy, instead confronting The Donald with jokes from the "Apprentice" series taken literally.

Audiences for the first Republican debates have topped 11 million each, reaching a record 24 million in the first one and 23 million in the second. That is triple the previous high of 8 million set by a Democratic primary debate in 2008. CNN should score a big day. NBC won't.

I predicted this after that CNBC debate: "CNBC just cost Comcast millions."

At the time, Republicans were willing to work with the network, but after NBC News treated the Democrats like royalty, fuggedabout-it.


  1. NBC: Dems with by-lines. Not trustworthy.

  2. Have the Republicans at long last found a backbone? Will they make use of it when it comes to the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates after the party conventions have selected the nominees? At least Obama jock-strap Candy Crowley is no longer with CNN. That's one thing in its favor.

    1. Trump gave them backbone. He's done everything republican consultants say "don't do" and he's been successful. Proves that the real clowns are the consultants and the leaders who listened.