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Friday, January 29, 2016

Pop Poll

Who won the debate is lame.


  1. There is no contest; Donald Trump always has the best in wives, he insists on having the best in wives. All of Donald Trump's wives are classy broads - what, you don't like broads? Then dolls, all of Donald - what, dolls is now out also? Alright, Donald Trump's dames are always the classiest dames you will ever see. Their legs would make Grable weep, their tracts of land? Those are yuuge - no need to say that, right?

    I think it is clear that anyone who isn't stupid should understand that the classiest, bustiest, smartest, leggiest gals are wives of Donald Trump, and that the votes should be for all of them.

    -Mikey NTH*

    *channeling Donald Trump, Damon Runyon, and Sky Masterson.

  2. Re: The poll on Trump's wives

    It all depends, doesn't it, on what the definition of "best" is.

  3. Last I heard, they all were babes.