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Sunday, January 31, 2016

No, Trump does not have a Clinton Foundation

Trump Foundation Board  Member.

So the Conservative Commentariat in the Capital has decided that the Donald J. Trump Foundation is the Clinton Foundation.

If only they had read the Trump foundation's Form 990 -- an IRS document that says what the these tax-exempt groups do -- they would know how absurd that is. Trump is not using his foundation to launder foreign bribes and finance a campaign staff incognito.

The latest Form 990 covered the year 2012.

Income: $1,259,851.

Disbursements: $1,712,089

Expenses: $5,305.

Assets: $1,717,293.

No salaries for anyone. Trump, his latest wife, a couple of kids, and his lawyer are the board of directors. Pretty simple. This is how the rich give to charities.

In 2012, the American Cancer Society got $102,000, Billy Graham's church got $100,000, an epilepsy group got $100,000, et cetera. Pretty much what one would expect it to be.

On Thursday, Trump used the foundation to raise money for veterans. Given that expenses are nearly zero, I am pretty sure the money will go where he said the money will go.

The Federalist pointed out  that of the $5.5 million Trump gave to 298 charities from 2009 to 2013, only $57,000 went to veterans groups. That speaks to his priorities in the past.

But Clinton Foundation? Hardly. Not even close.


  1. By the 990, his foundation is on the up-and-up, and it's not getting what could be considered bribes. It's also negligible, compared to Billary's.

  2. $5,305 that year? That's about $450 a month, that's printing and postage costs.

    That's an accomplishment right there; a good one.

    -Mikey NTH

  3. There should be no such thing as a nonprofit corporation.

  4. I'll bet Bill would like to...serve with her.

  5. I'll bet Bill would like to...serve with her.

  6. One thing we can be sure about in this election year is that Ivanka Trump is definitely NOT Webb Hubbell's daughter.

  7. Sorry, what did you say? Couldn't get past the photo.

  8. Iowahawk nailed it:

    Ford Foundation: gives away Henry Ford's money.
    Gates Foundation: gives away Bill Gates' money.
    Clinton Foundation: gives Clintons money.


    1. i saw that tweet. Did not connect it to this -- and I wrote the post! Thanks, Elric

    2. Happy to oblige, sir! - Elric