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Sunday, January 24, 2016

National Weather Service's snowjob

The global warming hoax is a multi-billion-dollar industry that the National Weather Service is not going to allow another record snowfall in Washington derail.

From the Washington Post:
It has become apparent this afternoon and evening, through multiple conversations with the weather observers at Reagan National Airport, that the snowfall totals submitted to the National Weather Service for that location have not been measured properly.
As of 8 p.m., 17.8 inches of snow had been recorded at National – Washington, D.C.’s official weather monitoring location. That reflects just a 0.3-inch increase in the three hours since 5 p.m. during which time light to moderate snowfall was being reported at the airport.
The National Weather Service has clear guidelines on how to measure snowfall for one simple reason: snowstorms have a huge effect on the economy, life and property. They have an impact on millions of people and can result in millions of dollars lost. They also play an obvious important role in the historical record.
The way that the snowfall has been measured at National in this storm has led to snowfall totals that could be much lower than what has actually fallen and may have unnecessarily withheld the storm from ending as one of the top 3 snowiest on record.
The government lies to expand its power. It lied about 47 million people without health insurance. It lied about 12 million illegal aliens. And it lies each year about it being the Hottest Year On Record.

By now, people have caught on.

When will liberals?

Meanwhile, excellent job, Washington Post.


  1. Didn't you hear, Don? Globull warming CAUSES big snowstorms.

  2. I thought that it was Snowstorms cause Globull Warming.

  3. Everything causes global warming. And cancer, too.

  4. Whether the NWS is lying or after all these years they simply cannot correctly measure the amount of snow that's fallen, why should we believe those temperature "measurements" the warmest cite as proof of global warming? What difference does it make, at this point, whether they are lying or are incompetent?

  5. Weather patterns (wind, buildings, whatever) can make snowfall measurements vary. So can lying measurers.


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