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Friday, January 08, 2016

Illegal alien is so mad, she won't vote for Ted Cruz

Our nation's media is run by crazy people. Consider this report from NBC about an illegal alien:
GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz told an immigrant from Mexico, who has been praised by Cruz's national campaign Rep. Steve King as someone who "lights up any room," that there are consequences for law breakers like her who come to the country illegally.
Cruz's response to Ofelia Valdez, who works for a non-profit that assists children with special needs, drew applause from those attending the Storm Lake, Iowa, event Wednesday. In an interview with NBC News Latino, Valdez said Cruz's declaration that deporting people like her would be a priority was hard to hear and disappointing.
Rep Steve King, R-Iowa, recently visited Valdez's workplace and the Storm Lake Times reported Saturday that he said he did so because of his relationship with Valdez. He praised Valdez in the article.
The exchange between Cruz and Valdez on Wednesday was captured on video by the Democratic Party, which provided a copy of the video to NBC News Latino.
Valdez, 30, identified herself to Cruz as one of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who arrived or stayed in the country illegally, but have been allowed to remain and work under President Barack Obama's 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
She is not a "dreamer." She is a 30-year-old criminal who needs to be deported.

And what is with Congressman King supporting her?

They say Trump may destroy the Republican Party. Guys like Steve King beat him to it.

But hey, Ted Cruz rocks.


  1. Don't think 'illegal immigrant'. Don't think 'undocumented democrat'. Don't think 'refugee'.

    Think 'colonist'.