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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Gang rape is the new terrorism tool

Muslim terrorists in Germany unveiled their new weapon in their global war in Germany on New Year's Day -- gang rape, because Germans are terrified that even pro-refugee Chancellor Angela Merkel is uncomfortable.

"What is particularly disturbing is that the attacks appear to have been organized. Around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women," the BBC said in a paragraph buried in its report.

Of course, not all Muslims support this. Please, do not put your words in my mouth to bash me. But a thousand Muslim refugees did. The rules of rape -- yes, Muslim terrorists have a rape rule book -- allows them to gang rape any girl or woman regardless of age.

Andrew Malcolm reported:
Most of what the terrorist army of ISIS has done in its murderous march across a wide swath of the Mideast these last two years appears incomprehensible to outside eyes: video beheadings, mass street killings, children enlisted to execute neighbors, victims tossed from tall buildings.
Now one document from a stash seized during a bold Special Ops raid into Syria seven months ago has provided a shocking window into the medieval minds of these radical Islamic extremists who would impose harsh Sharia law wherever their caliphate spreads. Hard to believe we're reading such material in what to most of the world is the 21st century.
The weirdly explicit document is a varsity-level fatwa. It was translated by U.S. government officials and obtained by Reuters, which was unable to independently verify it. A fatwa is a religious edict by Muslim clerics. This one sets 'rules' for the systematic rape of thousands of women captured by ISIS forces, mostly Yazidis and Christians.
These rules were not written to rape in the Middle East. They are part of a coordinated plan to terrorize westerners. Muslims targeting white women in Europe to rape is racist -- and effective. The rapes are a recruiting too that is designed to drive fear. Finland, Sweden, Germany and other European countries are overrun by young Muslim terrorists. In France, gangs of Muslims burned hundreds of cars on New Year's in an annual ritual that serves as a reminder of who is in charge of the streets.

Inn response to the New Year's gang rapes, Merkel cowers, and the press blames right wing groups that predicted all this in the past. In fact, the mayor of Cologne, where the attacks took place, defended Muslims from being held accountable for this coordinated act of terrorism.

From BBC:
Merkel called Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker on Tuesday and expressed her "outrage over these disgusting attacks and sexual assaults".
The chancellor said everything must be done "to find the perpetrators as quickly and comprehensively as possible and punish them, regardless of their origin or background".
But women demonstrated near the scene of the attacks on Tuesday evening. One placard read: "Mrs Merkel! Where are you? What do you say? This alarms us!"
There is an intense debate in Germany about refugees and migrants, who arrived in record numbers last year. But Mayor Reker urged people not to jump to conclusions about the Cologne assailants.
"It's completely improper... to link a group that appeared to come from North Africa with the refugees," she said, after crisis talks with the police.
Speaking the truth is improper in Cologne.

And what is the press worried about? That this confirms right-wing fears.


  1. Exactly the same as here, then.

  2. Unbelievable! How sad it is to witness cultural suicide both in EUrope and the United States.

  3. It has been throughout history.

    Until Sam Colt gave women true equality.

  4. Didn't Germany come up with some kind of camps?
    Can they entertain Muslims in these camps?

  5. Well Don you don't want to paint the entire religion but maybe you are wrong? Maybe it is the entire religion that is the problem. Maybe the 1,400 year war between Islam and the West is restarting?

    1. It never ended

    2. The possibility that I am wrong is always 100%. My motto is "the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here"

  6. Don, this tactic has been standard Islamic practice starting with Mohammed as described in the Koran.

  7. So the Islamic refugees were playing out their religious and culture beliefs on the treatment of Western women, but interestingly enough many refugees were seen in videos and reported by the police violating their religious prohibition against using alcohol.
    European citizenry is effectively disarmed. Even NY is more liberal with gun rights. And I'd make a bet that the refugees know that. And our elites learn nothing, I guess since they know they can do it better. So Obama will go forth with bringing in tens of thousands of uneducated Islamic refugees with their historical cultural and religious beliefs that make assimilation almost impossible. The America first and melting pot ideal is quickly dying.
    I try to use MLK methodology in my treatment of people, but I will admit that being a bit of a world traveler I do have a bias against the average citizen in Muslim dominated countries. Seeing them joyously dancing after 9/11 didn't help me be more tolerant towards therm. It is sad to say that we will not go back to Europe as we were going to do. The police have become too PC and I can't defend my wife as I could in the US. In Norway the Islamic immigrants will attack you and then immediately go to the police and report you attacked them; they become the victim. Nope, I'll spend my money in the US and Mexico; we actually feel safer in Mexico within the tourist areas where we have property than the same in Europe.
    If the attacks we saw in Europe on NY Eve were to happen here, I strongly suspect that instead of women in hospitals, it will be refugees in morgues.

    1. It depends on where such attacks occur. In deep blue areas the response would be pretty much like Europe. In deep red areas there would be some dead refugees.

    2. It depends on where such attacks occur. In deep blue areas the response would be pretty much like Europe. In deep red areas there would be some dead refugees.