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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Cologne stinks

An earlier, more substantive post: Gang rape is the new terrorism tool.

On and this:


  1. Yes, Hillary, they do. Do the names Broadrick and Willey (I hope I spelled the names correctly) sound familiar? You said they lied.

  2. Cologne: Multi-Culti uber alles. Trumps rape and sexual violence.

  3. Will Germany survive? What do the German men have to fight for? Feminists who hate them and destroy everything they love? Cologne is a real example of feminism in action.

  4. Merkel just came out and said that Germans must accept that immigrants are more criminal.
    When did Germany become France? Charles Martel is spinning in his grave.

  5. I thought Merkel had better sense.

    In the good ol' days of my youth in the mountains of NC, if this had happened there, some good ol' boy fathers and brothers would have had a tar and feather party.

  6. Merkel may be extending a welcome to Muslim refugees out of charity, but she is relying on national German guilt over the Holocaust to excuse the refugees' criminal behavior. Shame on her.